5 Types of Slimming Food

There are so many different slimming pills and powders, which all promise to reasonably support a diet and simplify weight loss. The effects are as diverse as the names. Unfortunately, you will often find that the promised effect doesn’t occur or perhaps only partially occurs. This is very frustrating, especially since there are also many products that aren’t healthy. Unwanted side effects are not so rare. Furthermore, many dieters consider using chemical, partly questionable substances not an option for weight loss. The call for natural slimming agents is getting louder.

We have 5 natural slimming agents for you. Their effect has been proven. Yet still, don’t expect miracles from them, because losing weight will not work without calorie reduction and exercise. But these 5 slimming agents reasonably support any diet and, more importantly, they’re completely natural.

Slimming food: Chili

Slimming Agent ChiliEating foods spiced with chili, will cause you to start sweating rapidly. The Capsaicin contained in chilies is known to have this effect. The body’s heat production can be increased by up to 25%. This doesn’t just consume abundant energy and stimulate fat burning. It also stimulates digestion and increases the blood flow. However, don’t be too generous with chili, especially in the beginning. A slow acclimatization to the spiciness is key. This ensures that chili can be used as a slimming food permanently and often.

Slimming food: Grapefruit

The bitter substances of grapefruit stimulate the metabolism and ensure that the fat deposits on the stomach, legs and buttocks don’t arise to begin with. Also, the circulation is stimulated and the energy expenditure increases. Grapefruit is best eaten as a dessert. However, one should not overdo it with grapefruits. Supposedly, it also has a blood-thinning effect.

Slimming food: Green Tea

Slimming Agent Green TeaThe catechins in green tea reduce the metabolization of fat in the liver. A portion of the fat is excreted and can not be stored. It also increases energy expenditure by raising the body temperature. Other positive side-effects: Free radicals are “trapped” and can no longer accelerate aging. In addition, green tea strengthens the immune system.

Slimming food: Ginger

Ginger stimulates the metabolism and digestion. In addition, the essential oils promote the elimination of toxins from the body. Ginger tea is particularly effective. Just peel a piece of the root, cut it into small pieces and add hot water. The longer the ginger tea is left to brew, the sharper the drink, thus increasing the body temperature.

Slimming food: Cinnamon

Approximately half a tsp of cinnamon per day (equivalent to 1 g) is said to be sufficient to achieve a weight loss effect. Cinnamon reduces the production of insulin. This serves to keep the blood sugar level in balance and thereby helps in reducing food cravings. Furthermore, less fat is stored.

These 5 slimming agents can support a diet. If you didn’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to browse our site. We offer lots of advice on losing weight and tests on every diet. Our reviews will help you find the diet that suits you best, quickly and easily.¬†We will soon introduce other natural slimming agents on our website.

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