90-Day Diet

The 90-day diet has enjoyed worldwide popularity for over 10 years. It’s a successful nutritional approach to effective weight loss. Does the 90-day diet really work? We took a closer look at the nutrition program to find out.

Lose weight within 90 days, in a healthy and diverse manner and without going hungry. These are the diet’s objectives. The diet program was developed by Mojca Poljanšek and Breda Hrobat in 2004 in Slovenia, under expert supervision of Dr. Stefan Celan. As the name suggests, this is not a turbo diet, but a permanent change of diet.

The concept of the 90-day diet

The 90-day diet is based on some basic principles that should facilitate successful weight loss. In particular, these are:

  • Lots of variety: Numerous balanced meals are on the menu
  • No fasting or skipping meals
  • Compliance with the prescribed nutritional order
  • Proper time distribution of meals
  • Right combination of food
  • Always consuming enough fluids
  • Regular physical activity

If these rules are adhered to, the 90-day diet promises that you will successfully reach your desired weight in a healthy way. Consequently, you can achieve a weight-loss of between 10 and 50 pounds within 90 days.

This is how the 90-day diet works

The 90-day diet is based on a “diet rotation”. This includes four different food days:

  • Protein day
  • Strength day
  • Carbohydrate day
  • Vitamin day

The diet program will start with the protein day, on which protein-rich foods are to be eaten. This is followed by two carbohydrate days. These are divided into groups of simple and complex carbohydrates. The first group, “strength”, contains carbohydrate rich foods, which consist largely of starch. The second group, “carbohydrates”, contains foods made of processed grains and buckwheat. This is followed by a vitamin day, which has fruits and vegetables on the menu. Every 29th day is the “water drinking day”, which serves to cleanse and purify the body.

The 90 Day Diet makes use of our metabolism, which is better at decomposing and absorbing nutrients if they are consumed separately. This allows for the separation of foods. Thus, the 90-day diet is practically a combination of a metabolic diet and food combining.

90-Day Diet Advantages

The balanced meals make diversity an important aspect of this diet. Moreover, one mustn’t go hungry as is the case with many unhealthy crash diets. The recipes and the predetermined combination of foods will directly lead to a re-regulation of the metabolism. This means that first successes are quickly noticed. The increased and the more efficient metabolic activity makes you feel more vital and powerful. The 90-day diet helps you slim down fast and stay healthy.

Many of the recipes can be prepared the day before. Thus, the 90-day diet is also suitable for working people. Even eating out is generally not a problem, as long as you stick to the recommended composition of the food.

90-Day Diet Disadvantages

Due to the strict sequence of the individual diet days, people who have problems with rigid rules might find it difficult to comply with the requirements. Also, the “water drinking day”, on which only water may be consumed, can pose a challenge. Although you must only hunger for one day each month, this one day requires a healthy dose of discipline.

Our Conclusion on the 90-day Diet

The 90-day diet is a great way to lose weight healthily, achieve the desired weight and keep it. Of course this requires that one changes their diet permanently and doesn’t revert to old, unhealthy eating habits after the 90 days. The book on the 90-day diet contains the complete nutritional program, many recipe suggestions, guidance and success stories for motivation. Interested? Order the 90-day diet on Amazon now!


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