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BCM Diet

BCM is short for “body cell mass,” but it is also the name of the BCM diet products. The body cell mass encompasses all cells in the body, with the skeletal muscle accounting for the largest share.

Although the body cell mass is unique to each person, there are standard ranges. The BCM should represent 30 to 33 percent of body weight in women, while it may be between 41 and 45 percent in men. The individual values ​​depend on age, gender, fitness, diet and genetic predisposition.

Up until a few years ago, body cell mass had to be measured by a team of doctors and consultants. This was done by means of electric body analysis, also known as bioimpedance. The diet could then be tailored to each individual.

However, BCM hasn’t required counseling centers or doctor visits for several years now. For the most part, it’s diet that is easily integrated into every day life.
Products can be ordered online or by phone. Sellers offer numerous services and tools for support. Also, consultations are available free of charge, via phone or e-mail.

The BCM Diet is divided into three sections:

  1. In the first phase, all regular meals are replaced by a total of five powder shakes. This phase only lasts for two days.
  2. In the next phase, two out of the three permitted meals are replaced by these shakes. Therefore, one meal is eaten as usual, preferably a meal consisting of a mixed diet.
  3. In the last phase, only one meal a day is replaced with shakes and two meals are prepared regularly.

You should drink at least two liters of unsweetened beverages during each of the three phases. The shakes consist of milk protein, fruit sugar, lecithin, vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, BCM offers hearty soups and bars in different flavors.

BCM Diet Advantages

BCM Diet: Lose weight with protein shakes

The phase of the complete abandoning of food lasts two days, which is comparatively short. During this time, participants get to know their own body and learn to avoid unnecessary snacks. At the beginning of the BCM Diet, weight loss progresses rapidly, making this method particularly suitable for people with a high BMI. The success provides added motivation.

BCM Diet Disadvantages

The BCM diet is quite expensive. Although interested parties can try the BCM diet for free before deciding to go with it, its high costs remains.

Conclusion – Our Opinion on the BCM Diet

After its relatively short start-up phase, the BCM Diet is designed to serve as a long-term change in diet. Therefore, it is not dangerous in the long run. Since two daily meals are prepared from the third phase on, variety and a sufficient supply of nutrients (vitamins, proteins amino acids ) is guaranteed.

HOWEVER: Losing weight with the BCM diet is generally very expensive, so we only recommend this diet for someone willing to spend over 100 dollars for protein shakes and soups and also has discipline.

You can order BCM diet products at amazon.com. Just follow this link:

What were your experiences with the BCM Diet? How many pounds were you able to lose? Write a review on the BCM diet or discuss it with other users!

BCM Diet Test

While this formula diet is a bit radical by starting with two days of fasting, the subsequent change in diet is rather moderate after the short phase.

Fast weight loss

Suitable for everyday life

Long-term effect

Healthy & Well-balanced



Not Bad!

Very expensive

Compared to other formula diets, the BCM Diet is very expensive. Success does indeed occur, but there are cheaper alternatives with similar success.

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