Blitz Diet
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Blitz Diet

The Blitz Diet is a weight-loss program which combines a reduced diet with physical exercise. Several pounds of body weight can be lost in just a few days. During this program, the body doesn’t lack any important nutrients.

The blitz diet is not really aimed at overweight people. Instead, it is especially recommended for women who want to shed a few pounds short-term or the little annoying love handles. Therefore, between 800 and 1,200 kilocalories are consumed each day. That’s to prevent the yo-yo effect and ensure that the body won’t lack nutrients.

These calories are then distributed to a total of three meals. These meals are usually low-carb and low-fat, but high in protein. An example of a meal plan for the day during this diet would be a protein shake for breakfast, a fresh vegetable soup at noon and some kind of protein-rich meal in the evening. Also, the ingredients whey, ginger and brewer’s yeast promise dieters to effectively boost their metabolism.

It should be possible to lose 14 pounds per week, i.e. 2 pounds per day. This diet promises a flat stomach and tight skin. All this should be combined with a sports program, which consists of endurance exercises and light weight training.

Blitz Diet Advantages

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The Blitz diet is inexpensive, easy to perform and actually a way to lose weight fast. However, since the diet is short-lived, it has significantly less advantages than disadvantages.

Blitz Diet Disadvantages

The promises of the Blitz diet are physiologically impossible. Losing two pounds of pure fat requires around 7,000 kilocalories to be eliminated. It is simply not possible to lose 2 pounds of fat in one day. Also, the low caloric intake is not enough to prevent weight gain after the diet.

An adequate supply of nutrients can not be guaranteed. Furthermore, it is difficult to carry out the sports program, because you’re missing a lot of the energy necessary to perform it. The targeted weight loss for a flat stomach is also not possible, because we can not actively determine at what place our body first breaks down fat deposits.

Conclusion – Our Opinion on the Blitz Diet

The Blitz diet is not recommended. It does not help those who wish to lose weight without a yo-yo effect. It is not suitable for overweight people and slim people can actually gain weight after performing this diet because of the yo-yo effect. In both cases, a more long-term change of sports and eating habits is more suitable.

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Blitz Diet Test

Quickly lose lots of weight - that's the dream of every dieter. Supposedly the Blitz diet can help you lose 14 pounds in a week and get a flat stomach and firm skin at the same time.

Fast weight loss

Suitable for everyday life

Long-term effect

Healthy & Well-balanced



Highly Not Recommended!

The Blitz diet is unhealthy and is only effective for a short while. Mostly muscle mass and water are lost, but hardly any fat. The yo-yo effect is inevitable.

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