Blood Type Diet

Blood Type Diet

The blood type diet is a result of research by the natural healer, Peter J. D’Adamo. In the 1990s, he observed that people with different blood types use the same food differently. Therefore, the optimal nutrition plan depends not only on long-term maintaining of the target weight, but also on the respective blood type. Furthermore, many chronic diseases could be improved by implementing a nutrition and healing plan supporting the specific blood type.

According to Peter J. D’Adamo, people tolerate foods specific to their blood type particularly well, while other foods can cause blood clots. Such foods should of course be avoided. Supposedly, the reason behind this is that it’s a defensive reaction of the body, which can not cope with certain lectins in our diet. For this reason, the Blood Type Diet has divided all popular foods into categories

  • “Advantageous”
  • “Avoid” and
  • “Neutral”

Each group is in relation to the respective blood group.

Vegetables are the only food beneficial to all blood types – i.e. 0, A, B and AB. Grain products, however, should only be consumed by people with blood type A, while dairy products should only be consumed by people with blood type B. Blood group 0 is considered a “meat eater”.

D`Adamo has written a lot of literature, but this book is particularly eye-opening. Just click on the following link and take a closer look:

Blood Type Diet Advantages

One major advantage of the blood type diet is that participants usually automatically come to terms with their diet and the ingredients contained therein. Many diet lies can be identified and eliminated.

[Caption id = “attachment_73” align = “align center” width = “638”]Vegetables in blood type diet Vegetables: allowed in the blood type diet for all blood types[/ caption]

It is also great that vegetables are suitable for people of all blood types. Vegetables contain valuable fiber, important nutrients and very few calories.

Blood Type Diet Disadvantages

Nevertheless, there is very little science to back up the principles of this diet. Nutrition experts stress that the reason for the clumping of blood is uncertain. Thus the blood type diet is in need of proven facts. Furthermore, the blood type diet pays no attention to exercise or the necessary daily caloric deficit needed to lose weight. In the very restricted blood group AB, it may even lead to deficiency symptoms, as fruit, cereal and milk should be avoided here.

Conclusion – Our Opinion on the Blood type diet

The success of the blood type diet is therefore questionable. To lose two pounds of fat, slimmers need to save 7,000 kilocalories, broken into about 500 each day. And let’s not forget amino acids that stimulate fat burning. If this is not the case, an optimal composition of the food also won’t help. Furthermore, sports and exercise must be taken into consideration for healthy weight loss.

If the blood group diet is not what you imagine, you can find many other diets on our page. We recommend other diets, such as online diets in which attention is not only paid to the diet, but you also receive a lot of motivational materials and learn how to support a healthy lifestyle with sports.

If you’d like to try the blood type diet, you can order the book below:

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Blood Type Diet Test

Individual nutrition depending on the blood type. This way, diet lies are revealed and healthy foods are included in the diet.

Fast weight loss

Suitable for everyday life

Long-term effect

Healthy & Well-balanced


Not Bad!

Success not proven

Basically, not a bad approach. However, the blood type diet is not scientifically proven and it does not include exercise for weight-loss or a caloric deficit.