Cell Salts Diet

Cell Salts Diet


Cell salts were originally named after Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler, a physician who discovered the healing properties of some of these mineral salts in 19th Century. They have since become known as “Cell Salts”. His studies were based on the notion that all health complications, including obesity, are a result of a mineral imbalance. He believed that these disorders could be regulated by introducing the missing mineral salts. In most cases, no drugs are necessary. However, this also depends on the nature and degree of the disease.

Schuessler initially considered 12 different mineral salts. Their efficiency is maximized by filtering out the unwanted substances, so that only the desired ones remain. Cell salts are considered to be homeopathy, although Dr. Schuessler stressed that this is not the case. His studies were based on histology and chemistry and have been scientifically justified. Nowadays, there are a few more cell salts, which are all numbered. They usually come in the form of drops and pills, but there are also specially mixed ointments.

They may for example be used in weight-reduction to avoid excess skin and help reduce existing stretch marks. Salts number 4, 9 and 10 are recommended for weight loss. They reduce cravings and stimulate the entire metabolism. The body should be able to lose weight easily and be supported in the elimination of obstructive pollutants. A medical practitioner can also recommend other salts, which are specific to the individual’s reasons for excess weight.

Cell Salts Diet Advantages

The great advantage of cell salts is that no side effects can occur. A variety of different salts ensures that weight loss can be supported by every person. Furthermore, the cell salts are fairly inexpensive compared to other weight loss products from the pharmacy.

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Cell Salts Diet Disadvantages

One major disadvantage is that the actual effect of cell salts has not been scientifically proven or recognized. It is often dismissed as a placebo effect. Also, the salts do not replace diet and exercise to lose weight.

Conclusion – Our Opinion on the Cell Salts Diet

Whether or not the cell salts are suitable for losing weight is controversial. Some people notice no effect, while others have finally achieved the weight-loss they’ve been working towards for years. As far as the mineral calcium goes, there are scientific studies showing a connection to weight-loss. When in doubt, everyone should test the effectiveness themselves.

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