Clean Eating

Clean Eating

Clean eating is about avoiding processed foods and seeking whole, natural, healthy foods. This means that one must decide to minimize or even eliminate any type of food that comes in a bag, a can, or in a box. This concept dates back to the natural health food movement in the 1960’s. Processed foods were shunned for moral and societal values, as opposed to health reasons. Today, the most common reason people are deciding to “eat clean”, is because they are trying to improve their health and provide their body with proper nutrition.

There is more to clean eating than just avoiding processed foods, though. Instead of eating three meals per day, one should try to eat 5 to six smaller portions throughout the day. Eating this way helps you avoid skipping meals and then overeating later on. It keeps your metabolism going all day, and also keeps your blood sugar levels steady.

One should also try to ensure that there are some carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in every meal. This will help your energy level throughout the day, and you will also feel full longer after a balanced meal.

Clean Eating

Clean eating means no processed foods

Advantages of clean eating

Clean eating isn’t some crash diet. It’s a long-term, healthy, natural change of eating habits with a variety of health benefits. Your body will be supplied with all the key nutrients it needs. You won’t find yourself craving food as often, because your body is supported with a balanced diet. You’ll have more regular blood sugar levels, the risk of heart disease and cancer are severely decreased, and you’re even doing something good for your mental health.

You’re getting rid of the toxic chemicals that only make you weak and damage your immune system and other bodily functions. So, not only will you lose the weight, you’ll also feel more energized and your all around health is increased. This means that implementing an exercise routine or sports into your life will become easier and more enjoyable. Furthermore, your skin will look better and your sleep will be improved!

Disadvantages of clean eating

It can be very difficult to find whole, natural, foods. Most grocery stores only carry processed foods, and the ones that do carry real foods charge quite a bit of money for their quality products. Also, many people find keeping up with this diet is a challenge when trying to balance it out with work and family.


We definitely suggest clean eating to anyone looking to improve their health and lose weight long term. It may be a difficult diet to implement, but this is one of the healthiest decisions a person can make, to rid themselves of toxic chemicals.

There are no negative side effects, and the health benefits speak for themselves. Your body and your mind will undoubtedly thank you!

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