David Kirsch Diet

David Kirsch Diet

The David Kirsch Diet, also known as New York diet, promises weight loss that works as fast as the fast-moving, American metropolis. This diet was mostly made popular by its well-known supporter, Heidi Klum. But even top models like Naomi Campbell and Liv Tyler rave about the David Kirsch Diet. The method is also suitable for men and older people who want to do something for their body.

The David Kirsch Diet is based on the principle that as few carbohydrates as possible should be consumed. Simultaneously, the supplied amount of proteins should be increased. This combination will stimulate the metabolism and accelerate fat burning. This diet also ensures that you won’t lose precious muscle mass prior to breaking down the unwanted fat. In addition to the diet, David Kirsch recommends 45 to 90 minutes of strength training each day, because a higher muscle mass burns extra calories, even when resting.

The complete diet is divided into three sections. Its first goal is losing weight. Later on, the goal is to simply maintain that weight. In the first phase, fruits, milk and cheese, as well as animal fats and carbohydrate-rich foods should be avoided. Instead, try to focus on eating foods which are low in carbohydrates and rich in protein, such as chicken or nuts.

In the second phase, these rules become less strict. The amount of carbohydrates will be increased with every meal. While the first two phases last about two weeks, the third phase is applied for life. This means that the limited diet needs to be maintained permanently. In any case, it ought to be maintained for at least four weeks.

David Kirsch Diet Advantages

One of the obvious advantages of the David Kirsch Diet is its emphasis on sports. Consistent muscle training and the high protein content of food counteract the yo-yo effect. This allows you to lose weight very quickly with the David Kirsch diet, while promoting muscles, good posture and firm skin. Targeted exercises can help you lose weight on the buttocks, as well as slim the belly. Simultaneously, your body awareness, strength and stamina increase significantly.

David Kirsch Diet Disadvantages

The greatly reduced amount of carbohydrates and fats during the first two phases is classified as too drastic by some experts. According to them, the fast weight loss is too extreme – but we believe that this can only apply in cases of very intense weight-loss, not for less than 7% of the body weight (e.g. 9 pounds at a 132 pound body weight).

The abstaining also requires a high degree of discipline and perseverance, which is why many abort the diet prematurely. The dramatic loss of weight can also lead to skin slackening. The workouts of the David Kirsch diet should be done daily, although sports physicians recommend a pause day for regeneration. We also consider this too extreme. In addition, there are also concepts in which you can lose weight without exercise.

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Conclusion – Our Opinion on the David Kirsch Diet

The promised success and famous role models speak for themselves. However, since the beginning closely resembles a classic crash diet rather than a change in diet, health problems are a possibility. The better way is therefore a less strict, but easier to see through change of eating habits as well as exercise habits. In addition, the effect of the David Kirsch diet can be increased with the help of fat burners like amino acids and lead to permanent weight management.

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Have you tried the David Kirsch Diet? Share your experiences with David Kirsch Diet, and some of your top tips for those who want to try it?

David Kirsch Diet Test

Also known as the New York diet, this diet promises quick results. David Kirsch coached many Hollywood stars on their weight problems.

Fast weight loss

Suitable for everyday life

Long-term effect

Healthy & Well-balanced



Quick Success

This diet seems to be very successful. However, you should pay attention to your body signals, especially when you first start. This is important, because the high protein consumption can be a challenge for your body. Un-exercised folks have an increased risk of injury.