Persevere a Diet with Homemade Potato Chips

Summer is over, the days are getting shorter, the clock has been switched to winter time and the weather is increasingly gray and uncomfortable. For many, this is reason enough to make their homes comfortable, close the door and relax on the couch. Unfortunately, this behavior is accompanied by  less movement, and more snacking. Chips, gummy bears and Christmas cookies quickly ensure excess calories and make you gain weight unbelievably fast.

Those who have a hard time giving up snacks in front of the TV should not try to, because that quickly leads to food cravings. But some of the biggest calorie bombs can easily be replaced with healthier snacks. All types of vegetables, such as peppers or carrot sticks, are a good option. They ease the hunger and cravings, and you’re not consuming more calories than your body can keep up with.

You can try making a dip from low calorie low fat curd, flavored with salt, pepper and other spices. Those who can detach from the usual flavors of ready snacks will quickly begin to like this. There’s even an alternative to the popular chips: Do It Yourself! Fresh, peeled potatoes just need to be cut into thin slices, swiveled in water, so that the starch leaks, and distributed on a baking sheet to get nice and crispy. By the way, here’s a diet for potato lovers who want to lose weight in autumn: Have you ever heard of the potato diet?

Seasoning homemade potato chips is easy: whether spicy with chili or just with paprika and a pinch of salt. Microwave recipes are also available as an alternative. In case you’re craving sweets, apple chips are delicious and also very simple to make. They are peeled, sliced and dried at 175 °F for approximately one hour.

Caution should be exercised in healthy seeming munchies: Bread chips have almost the same calorie content as regular chips and even “trail mix” can have a lot of calories. However, some nuts and cranberries are very healthy in their natural state, because they contain a lot of amino acids. The latter should even help to prevent and treat bladder infections.

If you want to make your own potato chips and live healthier, order this book. It’s full of the best homemade chip recipes out there!

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