Drinking while dieting

In addition to balanced meals, drinking plenty of fluids plays an important role in healthy weight loss. Basically, 1.5 liters should be a daily minimum, and while dieting, one should drink even more. Quite often, insufficient hydration is the reason diets are unsuccessful.

The reason for lack of success in losing weight, is that many people can not correctly interpret their body’s signals and confuse thirst with hunger. Therefor, they eat instead of drinking. Consequently, unnecessary calories are consumed. The Weight Watchers organization stresses that one should absolutely not confuse thirst with hunger.

Drinking a lot helps lose weight

The positive effects of drinking plenty of fluids while dieting are incredible. For one thing, the stomach fills quickly. Although water alone does not satisfy, a glass before a meal ensures that we feel full sooner and eat less. Furthermore, adequate hydration stabilizes the circulation. Water even acts as a fat burner. Cold water must first be warmed by the body, forcing the body to use energy, without the drink itself providing any calories.

While we mainly drink during the summer heat to cool off, the fall and winter are great for a cup of tea or delicious vegetable broth. Broth is very suitable for a diet and does not prevent weight-loss from happening. The hearty broth has almost no calories but quickly satisfies one’s appetite.

If you feel like something sweet, a cup of tea with “baked apple” flavor or something similar works. It satisfies cravings, but has almost no calories and is therefore ideal during a diet.

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