Fit for Life Diet

Fit for Life Diet

The Fit for Life diet is based on nutritional science published in 1985. Strictly speaking, it is a form of food combining. However, numerous details were modified and new food rules were added.

The basis for the Fit for Life diet consists of raw fruits and vegetables. In the Fit for Life diet, these should amount to about 70 percent of one’s daily diet. The vegetables should not be cooked, since the denaturation will result in the body not using the food as efficiently as it could.

While meat is not forbidden, it should be avoided as much as possible. The underlying assumption is that a mixed diet leads to waste products in the body, steadily “poisoning” the blood. Also, the body will acidify, resulting in an unbalanced acid-base homeostasis. Therefore, proteins and carbohydrates should always be eaten separately.

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According to its representatives, the dietary rules of the Fit for Life diet should always be maintained. Nonetheless, it is also suitable as a temporary diet for the purpose of losing weight.

Fit for Life Diet Advantages

Fit for Life Diet

Fit for Life Diet: Lot of raw food each day

One particular advantage of the Fit for Life diet is that many vitamins are absorbed from fruits and vegetables. Also, these foods have relatively few calories and are usually quite natural.

No meals should be skipped. Also, unnecessary carbohydrates often contained in fast food and snacks should be avoided.

Fit for Life Diet Disadvantages

Many nutrition experts criticize the Fit for Life diet, because some elements are now considered disproved. For example, no waste formation or hyperacidity can be proven in the body, which it couldn’t regulate on its own.

The assertion that proteins and carbohydrates should be consumed separately is also considered to be scientifically incorrect. Furthermore, the high proportion of raw food is also difficult to digest and therefore more of a strain on the body.

Conclusion – Our Opinion on the Fit for Life Diet

The principle of the Fit for Life diet is based on many obsolete assertions. Compliance with the strict rules is not difficult to endure, but the reasons are questionable. We think that this leads to unnecessary stress during weight-loss. The required self-discipline is wasted.

However, the basic idea is to replace more of one’s daily diet with fruits and raw vegetables. This makes sense.

Have you tried the Fit for Life diet? Did you succeed in permanently losing weight? Share your experiences and thoughts on the Fit for Life diet, and discuss them with others!

Fit for Life Diet Test

This diet is based on various approaches, such as raw vegetables and food combining. In addition, an acidification of the body is avoided. If one follows the rules, the pounds will melt by themselves.

Fast weight loss

Suitable for everyday life

Long-term effect

Healthy & Well-balanced


Not Bad!

Scientifically disproved

The causative diet rules have almost all been refuted in studies. If weight loss occurs, then its due to more movement and a reduced calorie intake

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