Fruitarianism is similar to veganism, in the sense that no animal products are consumed. In a fruitarian diet, only natural fruits, and sometimes nuts and seeds are consumed. There are many reasons why people decide to eat only these natural foods. Some people believe that it is the original diet humankind was meant to live on from the time of Adam and Eve. Some people think it’s wrong to kill anything, including plants, so they want to eat only that which can be harvested without causing harm to the plant, and others just think it’s healthy.

Fruitarianism Diet

Fruitarianism: All you eat is fruits!

Advantages of fruitarianism

There have been studies which show that our ancestors’ diets consisted mostly of fruits, and that eating nothing but fruits can improve lipid profiles, glucose tolerances, and of course, weight. Furthermore, the diet consists only of natural products, meaning one won’t fill his or her body with toxic chemicals, and can even detox their body by means of eating such wholesome foods, consequently reducing their risk of heart disease in the future.

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Disadvantages of fruitarianism

Unfortunately, the negatives of this diet clearly outweigh the positives. This diet is extremely restrictive, even more so than veganism. Therefore, it isn’t just difficult to stick to, but it also lacks a lot of key nutrients that our bodies depend on. The fruitarian diet has been known to cause deficiencies in protein, zinc, iron, vitamin D, B vitamins (especially B12), calcium, and essential fatty acids. Furthermore, food restrictions lead to hunger and food cravings, and may even cause social problems.

Also, the weight loss is great, but with a fruitarian diet your weight just drops, similar to anorexia. And if you’re trying to maintain the diet long term, it’s difficult to restore your body to a healthy weight, even if you overeat. Overeating is actually a common issue among fruitarians, too. With a diet consisting only of fruit, it’s easy to become addicted to sugar. So not only are you hungry because you’re on such a restrictive diet, but now you’re addicted to sugar, which will just cause more cravings.


This diet may be suitable for short term weight-loss and detoxing, but is definitely not recommended as a long term change of diet. There are just too many health deficiencies that come along with it. Furthermore, most of the positive side effects of this diet can be achieved through a vegan diet. The vegan diet is easier to maintain and causes far less negative side effects.

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