Harcombe Diet

The Harcombe diet was created by Zoe Harcombe to help slimmers lose weight without experiencing food cravings or having to deal with stressful calorie counting. Instead, the Harcombe diet provides healthy recipes allowing you to eat as much as you want and still lose weight.

Losing weight in three phases

Losing weight in three phases

The Harcombe diet: Achieve healthy weight-loss in 3 phases!


Phase 1

Not unlike other diets, such as the BMC diet and the New York Diet, the Harcombe diet is divided into three phases. The first phase launches the diet in a somewhat radical manner. During this phase, one must adhere to a very basic diet. Fresh, unprocessed, unsmoked meats are allowed, as are eggs and most vegetables. You can also drink as much water, herbal tea and decaffeinated coffee as you wish.

Phase 2

The second phase is a little less intense. During this phase, one should avoid processed foods as well as foods that produce cravings. Also, fats and carbs should be eaten separately.

Phase 3

Phase three can be thought of as a life long change of diet. In phase three, you can eat pretty much anything you want. Your goals should remain avoiding processed foods and staying in control of your eating habits, but you are allowed to treat yourself from time to time. The idea is that you’ve learned enough about nutrition and conquering food cravings to support a healthy lifestyle.

Harcombe Diet Advantages

It is clear that the Harcombe diet supports a healthy, balanced and long term diet. During this diet, you’re not forced to count calories or to go hungry and you still receive all the nutrients your body needs. Furthermore, the Harcombe diet draws attention to why we have food cravings and how to stop them. Slimmers see intense progress in the first two phases of the diet which helps to keep them motivated and focused on their goal.

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Harcombe Diet Disadvantages

The Harcombe diet pays no attention to the importance of exercise during weight loss. Furthermore, there is no limit on how much one can eat, meaning the caloric deficit needed for weight loss may not be achieved. The first phase requires an intense change of diet, which is not only difficult, but also expensive.

Conclusion – Our Opinion on the Harcombe Diet

There are many advantages to the Harcombe Diet. It has helped many tackle their food cravings and achieve their dream weight. The diet is even quite healthy and well-balanced. However, it’s more expensive than other diets due to the high cost of whole foods, and it lacks any type of workout program. Also, while the yo-yo effect is likely to occur because you can eat anything and as much as you want, you do learn how to combat food cravings. Overall, the Harcombe diet is likely to help some people lose weight, but the absence of an exercise program will limit these successes.