HCG Leptin Diet

The HCG Leptin Diet is a three phase diet combined with homeopathic supplements that promises long lasting effects. The three phases are designed to help you lose weight quickly, and then stabilize your body to avoid the yo-yo effect.

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin and is a hormone produced by both male and female bodies, but is most commonly formed by the placenta during pregnancy. One should ensure that the HCG ingested during this diet was manufactured using a special manufacturing process called radionics, which results in a hormone-free product with the same effects, such as:

Accelerated weight loss

Reduced hungerHCG Leptin Diet: Great way to lose weight

Firming of the skin

Improved energy, mood, and sleep

Leptin is a hunger-inhibiting hormone mostly found in the body’s fat cells. Here, one should also rely on homeopathic, hormone-free leptin. It will restore the brain’s sensitivity, thus helping the dieter feel full faster, even after the diet. In the long run, it will make it easier to maintain one’s target weight.

The first phase is designed to stimulate your metabolism and convince your body that it has enough unused calories for the following days, so that it will easily release fat reserves when the time comes. It is a two day period, during which you consume as many calories as possible while taking Homeopathic HCG, as well as organic OPC, MSM, and Omega-3. These supplements are important and will be taken during all three phases of the diet. They ensure that your body is provided with enough antioxidants to help eliminate toxins released during breakdown of fat cells.

Next up is the diet phase. It lasts 21 days and the rules are simple, yet strict. One may only consume between 500-700 calories per day. Proteins, most fruits and vegetables, and some carbohydrates are allowed. Fats and alcohol are forbidden. During the first 19 days, one should take the nutritional supplements mentioned above, as well as HCG and leptin drops. For the remaining two days, only the supplements are taken.

The third and final phase is known as the stabilization phase. This phase is designed to slowly get your body used to a normal calorie intake. The goal is maintaining the weight you see on the scale on the first day of the third phase.

HCG Leptin Diet Advantages

With the HCG leptin diet, it is possible to lose weight quickly while avoiding the yo-yo effect. The diet is well thought out and is based on a good amount of research. Furthermore, the homeopathic remedies have numerous positive side effects beyond mere weight loss. A better mood, more energy and tighter sleep will make you feel healthier, not just look it.

HCG Leptin Diet Disadvantages

The HCG leptin diet is radical and quite strict. Furthermore, some dieters experience side effects from the supplements, such as food cravings, complete loss of appetite, constipation and headaches. The diet is not suitable for diabetics, pregnant women, nursing mothers and children. People with pre-existing conditions should ask a doctor before trying it.

Conclusion – Our Opinion on the HCG Leptin Diet

The possibility of losing weight without the yo-yo effect makes this diet very attractive, and a lot of research has gone into creating it. There are numerous success stories on HCG as a weight loss supplement, and this is simply a more modified and sophisticated take on the concept. However, weight loss is not guaranteed, as the diet is quite strict, and even with the measures taken to avoid the yo-yo effect, it’s still a possibility. Furthermore, the diet is not safe for everyone, so be sure to ask a doctor before deciding to carry it out. Overall, as far as short term diets go, the HCG leptin diet is recommendable. Nevertheless, if you want true long-lasting results, a long term change of diet and lifestyle are a guaranteed way to succeed.

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