L-carnitine and fat burning

L-carnitine and fat burning

Fat burning with L-carnitine is becoming increasingly popular, because more and more users report successful weight loss with L-carnitine. Also, many studies have been done which prove it’s effectiveness. L-carnitine is therefore no longer just for athletes, but for all those who wish to lose weight without a yo-yo effect. But what is L-carnitine?

It is classified as part vitaminoid, part amino acid. To burn fat, it must first be broken down into glycerol and fatty acids. Then the fatty acids are transported through the bloodstream to the cells. Here they are introduced to the mitochondria. Mitochondria are basically “power plants” within cells. This is where fatty acids are metabolized and made available to the body in the form of energy.

However, it’s not necessarily easy for the fatty acids to travel here. Since the long-chained fatty acids can’t pass through the cell membrane independently, L-carnitine is required as transporting material. It binds the fatty acids and transports them into the cell, where they are converted into energy by the mitochondria. Without this amino acid, it would be impossible to burn fat.

It is a chemical compound consisting of the two amino acids methionine and lysine. The human body is able to make small quantities of carnitine molecules by itself. But iron, vitamin C and B6 are essential for this process. L-carnitine can also be produced industrially and is offered as a dietary supplement. It is available in powder, capsule or liquid form. However, it’s usually included in the daily diet. You’ll find a lot in red meat, while fruits and vegetables have little or no L-carnitine.

Lack of L-carnitine occurs more often than expected

L-Carnitine fat burningVegetarians are often under-supplied. The same applies to people who are very busy or trying to lose weight. Especially with a radical diet, the body cannot supply a sufficient  amount of L-carnitine because it is lacking iron and other vitamins. Also, studies have shown that obesity is often associated with a deficiency. A healthy person should always have around 20 to 25 grams in the body to keep the metabolism running efficiently.

In addition to a medically indicated need, this product is suitable for athletes and slimmers. However, L-carnitine is not a silver bullet, and its mere intake is not enough to lose weight. Naturally, weight loss without exercise is only possible to some extent. However, it helps pave the way to future exercise.

In addition to taking L-carnitine, at least some movement should be implemented, ideally, some kind of sport. It is also suggested that you take an extra dose of L-carnitine about one or two hours before exercise.

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Effective Weight Loss with L-carnitine

Those who wish to lose weight effectively with L-carnitine should note the following points:

  1. Quality: Only use products with high-purity L-carnitine (Carnipure ®).
  2. Dosage: 1000 mg L-carnitine a day has the best effect on fat burning.
  3. Combining L-carnitine with vitamins: There are indications that the combination with calcium and vitamins intensifies the fat burning effect even further. Additional vitamins during a diet are highly recommended.
  4. Take it permanently and move enough every day.

Carnipure L-Carnitine

There are significant differences in the quality of raw materials and composition of health supplements and diet products containing L-carnitine. Many Asian products with L-carnitine contain traces of the harmful dextrorotatory form “R-carnitine”. The best quality of raw materials is obtained in products that use Carnipure ®. This is a product manufactured according to a special fermentation process. A high-purity L-carnitine by the Swiss company Lonza.

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