Logi Diet

Logi Diet


The Logi diet is one of few diet concepts with plenty of scientific background. It is based on the dietary recommendations for obese children, which were provided by the Harvard University Children’s Hospital. These recommendations may also be the right way for adults to lose weight successfully.

During this diet, one does not go hungry. Only the composition of the meals changes. It is designed quite similar to how people ate during the stone age: low in carbohydrates. “Logi” is an acronym for “low-glycemic Index”. This refers to the effect of carbohydrate rich foods on insulin levels.

Some foods have a rather high glycemic index, while others have a low glycemic index (low GI, see also low-glycemic diet). The higher the glycemic index, the more the blood sugar levels will rise after a meal. This leads to a high amount of insulin being released, which slows down the fat burning process and causes food cravings.

Logi Diet

Therefore the goal is to implement a diet consisting of foods with a low glycemic index to keep blood sugar levels low. The Logi diet recommends at least two servings of fruits and vegetables a day, because they have a low index. The 4-level Logi pyramid provides further information on how one should compose meals. At the bottom are foods with the lowest glycemic index, and therefore the most recommended. At the top are foods with the highest glycemic index.

Whole grains, for example, are near the top and should be enjoyed in moderation. Raw foods and high protein are among the advised foods.

Logi Diet Advantages

The Logi diet ensures that many “fattening foods” are left off the menu and replaced with foods containing fewer calories, but plenty of water and filling fiber. There are also plenty of vitamins and minerals. This diet was designed to improve the blood sugar levels ​​and prevent the yo-yo effect.

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Logi Diet Disadvantages

Exercise and the number of calories are pretty much ignored in the Logi Diet. People trying to lose weight are stuck calculating how much they eat each day and how much they should cut back in order to lose weight healthily. Furthermore, nutrition experts believe the level of carbohydrates is too low. People with kidney damage or gout should also stay away from this diet because of the high protein content.

Our Opinion on the Logi Diet

A successful weight-loss by means of the Logi diet is highly likely. Whether this is due to the low glycemic index or simply the low energy density of the recommended foods is scientifically controversial. Those who have circulatory problems should loosen the restriction of carbohydrates.

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Logi Diet Test

A good concept for diet, which like many other diets on the glycemic index based.

Fast weight loss

Suitable for everyday life

Long-term effect

Healthy & Well-balanced



It's doable

Although sport is left out, but diet-dependant Losing weight is possible with the Logi diet.

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