Losing weight and smoking

Those who are trying to lose weight usually also tend to change other habits in order to live a healthier lifestyle. This especially applies to smokers. But again and again we read of former smokers who have gained several pounds after they quit smoking and struggle not to start again. Losing weight and smoking is not recommended and smokers who want to lose weight should quit smoking when they start their diet.

Nicotine has an undeniable effect on the metabolism. Smokers have a faster heartbeat and thus a faster metabolism. Without the daily dose of nicotine, it regulates back to its natural level.

Another reason why many former smokers gain weight is that they compensate for the missing cigarettes. Many resort to candy and chocolate without even thinking about it. Especially abrupt quitting has been known to lead to weight gain. But only one in three is affected and usually they will only gain a few pounds.

Here’s a book to help you continue losing weight while you quit smoking:

However, nothing is going to change the fact that smoking is bad for one’s health. In addition to the impact on the lungs, increased heartbeat can lead to serious high blood pressure, especially in overweight people. The University of Cambridge found that even smokers with a normal BMI accumulate more love handles. Therefore, quitting cigarettes can help one lose weight permanently.

Especially now that the days are getting shorter and colder, the season is ideal for quitting smoking: Many smokers don’t want to stand in the cold in order to light their cigarettes. To counteract the dreaded weight gain, they should now pay particular attention to what they eat each day. A combination of exercise, healthy diet and drinking plenty of water can be really helpful in preventing the dreaded weight gain. For years the Weight Watchers diet has been helping people achieve their desired body weight in a healthy and realistic way.

Even those who are still in the process of quitting are taken into consideration. During the festive season, things like gingerbread, dominoes and cookies are not forbidden. Participants in the Weight Watchers diet must only be prepared that after too many pastries, they will have no more points left for a proper meal. So if you need to replace cigarettes with something sweet, it’s not forbidden and you may still be able to lose weight.

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