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Losing weight fast

Lose weight fastFirst of all, every person has a different idea of what “losing weight fast”  means. For some, quick means to lose an entire 15 pounds in one week. The Blitz diet, for example, promises this result. Others, however, are more than happy to wait a few months, in order to be able to permanently lose this significant amount.

And so the question arises: Should that much weight be lost, or are you just in need of the final touch to achieve your dream figure? The more weight you want to lose, the more time you should give yourself to do so. Usually, the weight loss is supposed to last a while, and not turn into weight gain after a short time.

Quickly losing weight with the starvation diet

The starvation diet is probably the best known method for quick weight-loss. During this diet, no solid food is consumed. One may only drink water, tea, and vegetable broth to overcome hunger and stabilize the circulation. Consequently, success appears to occur quickly: The scale shows less body weight.

However, this type of crash diet is neither healthy nor effective. The reason: You lose almost no fat – and that’s ultimately what we want to get rid of. Instead, the body clings to its reserves, simultaneously reduces valuable muscle mass and loses a lot of water. Therefore, any sensible diet involves eating a lot of proteins (amino acids) and fat burners.

lose weightAnd not just that: A starvation diet can obviously not be implemented for very long. Furthermore, the metabolism will adapt to the lack of food and operate more slowly. This results in the so-called yo-yo effect. We gain weight even faster once we get back to our regular eating habits.

The only exceptions are very short-term crash diets: As the name suggests, the One Day Diet has only one day on which no food is eaten. A weight-loss without yo-yo effect is possible because one day is usually not enough ​​to harm the metabolism. The switching day diet works in a similar way. This diet suggests making up for days on which you ate too much, for example at a celebration. However, it wont help you lose weight very fast.

Quickly losing weight without going hungry?

Another misconception, that is especially common to losing weight quickly, is hungering. Fast weight loss without a diet is not possible – if you want to lose weight quickly, you must go hungry. Is that really the case? – Not necessarily. Our hunger will largely depend on whether our stomach is actually full. Those who constantly drink water won’t automatically feel full, but it does help. There are also foods that saturate, but at the same time have a low energy density, i.e. fewer calories than fattening foods such as chocolate. The volumetrics diet is based on this principle.

Quick weight-loss relies on stimulating fat burning

In reality, anyone wanting to lose a mere two pounds of fat must burn about 7,000 kilocalories more as are supplied. Either by eating less, or by stimulating fat burning through exercise and physical activity. In order to avoid the scary yo-yo effect, we recommended to save no more than 500 calories per day. That corresponds to about 4 pounds per month. At first, it doesn’t seem like you’ll lose weight quickly, but try to remember that this is pure fat you’re losing.

Quickly losing weight without exercising?

Lose weight quickly without exerciseMany people want to quickly lose weight without exercise. A very good, permanent and fast weight loss is possible, but only by combining several factors:

  1. The energy balance has to be negative, i.e. one must burn more calories than one consumes
  2. The fat burning must be optimally adjusted and the body must be supplied with enough amino acids throughout the diet

Therefore, there are two other important aspects to quick weight-loss: the amount of movement in everyday life and, at best, even sports. There are two reasons for this: those who move around a lot require more energy, thus increasing the number of calories burned. Also, those who move so much that muscles are built actually increase their body’s basic energy needs.

The basic requirement is the amount of calories the body needs to live in an absolute state of rest. Those who have a lot of muscles burn more calories throughout the day than those with less muscles. This muscle mass weighs more than fat, but at the same time it has a smaller volume.

All in all, slow, steady weight loss and keeping track of our overall health is the best way to go. Order this book to start living healthier today!

Same weight, top shape

So theoretically it is possible that you’re not seeing any improvement on the scale, but your clothes suddenly fit looser, the old pants fit again and your body looks firmer and feels that way too. This means that you are on your way to a healthy and fit body. At this point, everything else usually happens almost automatically, provided that the new habits are maintained.