Losing weight in a group

Losing weight in a group

Losing weight in the group often means: losing weight without a yo-yo effect, because the group controls the diet success. Many people give up when a diet does not succeed right away. They often lack motivation and knowledge regarding the correct approach to losing weight successfully. This is difficult, especially for those who try to implement their diets by themselves. At this point, weight loss in a group is recommended.

Like-minded people meet in the group at regular intervals and exchange thoughts and ideas regarding weight-loss. In professionally organized meetings, dietitians, coaches, or doctors are present to help and advise participants. An example of this is the BCM diet. Here, there are weekly group meetings, not only for consultation and communication, but also for an electric body analysis.

Weight Watchers

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Weight Watchers is the the mother of the concept “losing weight in a group”. Thanks to technology, the weekly group meetings in each city are no longer mandatory, but will continue to be gratefully accepted by many members. Although neither concept is free, they motivate many people to pull through and provide helpful weight-loss tips along the way. In meetings organized by Weight Watchers, all participants are in the same boat, all pulling together. The severely obese don’t have to deal with disapproving stares. Everyone is there for the same reason.

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In addition to these traditional group meetings, the trend of slimming in a group is growing in the online world. When “losing weight online”, you can only communicate by writing. Furthermore, the virtual meetings are easier to integrate into everyday life.

Therefore, the Weight Watchers organization now offers online meeting and an online program for weight-loss. In addition, the successful weight-loss in the group can be accompanied by group sports at the gym as well as walking or jogging in nature. Such meetings are usually organized privately, but you can also find adds on the Internet or directly on the bulletin board at the grocery store.

Many other online diets offer communities in which the weight-loss takes place in groups. Take a look at our online diets and determine which one is right for you.

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