Losing weight on the buttocks

Losing weight on the buttocks

Many men and women want to lose weight on the buttocks, some even more so than losing weight on the belly. This is because having a dream figure includes a round butt, especially for women. Unfortunately, this is just one of many problem areas. Many feel that their buttocks is too fat and out of shape.

A predisposition to unwanted cellulite mainly depends on genetically determined connective tissue. But usually, it’s only really visible in untrained women with a high body fat mass. Logically, we think something should be done: Losing weight on the buttocks. But how should one go about that?

The Body Decides

If you want to lose fat mass, your body requires a negative energy balance. This means that each day fewer calories should be consumed than the body actually burns. However, one should be sure not to eat too little, otherwise the yo-yo effect will occur instead of the desired slimming in the buttocks.

We can not limit ourselves to only losing weight in the butt! It is simply not possible to decide where our body will first attack fat deposits and the fat burning takes place. Sooner or later, however, the buttocks will be affected.

Losing weight on the buttocksTargeted exercise for the buttock muscles also don’t lead to weight-loss there. This is because there is no way of targeting unwanted fat mass to be burned or transformed into muscle mass. The basic shape of the butt is also genetically determined.

This does not mean that exercises that were designed to lose weight at the buttocks are useless. Special exercises can build muscle mass under the fat layer. These muscles burn calories even outside of the work-out times, enhancing the overall energy use of the body. If this is combined with a calorie deficit, the body has to use its own reserves and start breaking down fat.

In addition, the butt becomes firm through exercise. Even with no immediate loss of body circumference in this area, the buttocks appears nicer.

So get started right away. This book was specifically  made to achieve a female dream body.

This process is in no way easy. But: It pays off at the beach! With the right bikini figure and a firm bottom that is no longer a problem for you.

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