Losing weight successfully
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Losing weight successfully

There are many reasons to lose weight. Some are just a few pounds away from their ideal weight, others are struggling with obesity and want to lose a large amount of weight successfully. This is either to feel comfortable again in your own skin, or to prevent cardiovascular disease ahead of time.

As the saying goes “many roads lead to Rome” – this can also be applied to losing weight successfully. Which way is right for you depends on several factors. It is important that you’re strict in implementing your intentions!

Body Fat Percentage

Anyone who wants to reduce his pure body fat percentage, must always burn more calories than their body has actually consumed. This does not mean going hungry in order to successfully lose weight. What’s important is the composition of the diet: 100 grams of chocolate, for example, contain more calories than 100 grams of whole wheat bread, which also makes you feel full for longer. Therefore, the diet should be balanced. Balanced also means that the body should be supplied with all the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements during the diet.

The Diet Determines Your Weight!

Successfully lose weight Even healthy fats, proteins, (amino acids), and carbohydrates should be taken into consideration. The Nutrition experts recommend that about 55 to 60 percent of the daily diet should consist of carbohydrates, 15% protein and 30% fat.

If one does not consume one or more of the important nutrients, they may end up with nutritional deficiencies. L-carnitine, for example, mostly found in red meat, is particularly important in the fat burning process. For example, a vegetarian diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, does not have nearly enough of this fat burner. Too much L-carnitine can simply be excreted from our body, while too much protein can lead to gout attacks. Thus, diets like the Atkins diet or other extreme low carb diets should only be performed for a short time and at best, under medical supervision.

Basically, some diets require caution, such as the raw food diet or a starvation diet. The promise of quick weight loss seems tempting and the raw food sounds healthy, but in the long run, these variants are not suitable for losing weight. During these diets, only around 1,000 kilocalories are consumed each day – even with very little physical activity, this is usually not enough. On average, a healthy woman needs 2,000 calories per day.

Calorie Requirement is Individual

The exact calorie requirements depend mainly on age, predisposition, and activity. A respective deficit of 500 calories a day is enough to successfully lose weight. Otherwise, the body registers the limited food supply as a famine. The yo-yo effect is bound to occur. Furthermore, you barely lose any fat with these diets, but instead you lose valuable muscle mass. Those who are trying to lose weight without a yo-yo effect should absolutely avoid this.

Motivation – Dieting in the Group

Many diets are unsuccessful because initial good principles are thrown overboard little by little. Poor eating habits, too many empty calories, fast food and candy: what begins as an exception to the good diet plan often ends up being the main component of the daily diet. Those who wish to control themselves and boost their discipline, should look into the concept of “losing weight in a group“. The most common variant of this diet is the Weight Watcher diet.

Exercise is Important – Start Today!

In addition to a balanced diet, physical exercise is important. There are losing weight without exercise concepts, but diets with exercise and sport are much more successful. Every person is different. Many can successfully lose weight by walking or jogging and signing up at the gym. Aerobic exercises at home can also be great for losing weight. There doesn’t need to be a full sports program. Even long walks with the dog or doing smaller errands on foot or by bicycle crank up your metabolism and boost a diet’s success.

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The success of your diet is always the sum of exercise and the diet itself. Start improving your life and your health today! You can achieve you dream weight by implementing just a few effective changes in diet and exercise!

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