Losing weight with the blackroll

These days, the blackroll, also known as fascia roll, is very popular. It is mainly used as a massage and fitness tool. We have put the blackroll to the test to see if it can also help with losing weight.

What are the fascia?

The term “fascia” is Latin and means “band” or “bundle”. This refers to the soft tissue component of the connective tissue which penetrates the entire body in form of a covering and connecting tension network.


The fascia training primarily helps with mobility and keeping the connective tissue intact. In particular, the fascia roll should help with relieving muscle tensions.

What is a fascia roll?

The fascia roll is a special massage roller, about 30 centimeters wide and made of hard foam. By rolling the respective parts of the body over it, the muscles are stimulated, blood circulation is increased and adhesions of the connective tissue are relieved. In addition, a fascia roll can also be used for balancing exercises as well as strengthening exercises. Since the fascia roll is dimensionally stable, it can be used for various purposes:

  • self Massage
  • active regeneration
  • relaxation
  • fitness
  • strength training
  • coordination training

How the fascia roll works

Using a fascia roll is child’s play: You lay the desired muscle on the fascia roll and then roll over it with that muscle. Pause for a few seconds when you reach tense or painful areas and then continue to roll. An exercise will take approximately 20-30 minutes.

In our test, the first exercise with the fascia roll turned out to be somewhat challenging. Firstly, the movements were not particularly smooth and sometimes even a bit painful. This is normal, as various muscle tensions you may not even be aware of must first be relieved. However, immediately after the first use, the muscles felt much more relaxed, for they have received a really good massage. The second practice session was much easier and more comfortable. The muscles were far more relaxed. The pressure on the muscle that is to be massaged can be adjusted by using the unused arm or leg for support. It is advisable to work with little pressure at first and increase it from exercise to exercise.

Exercises involving the blackroll are clearly illustrated in this Youtube video:

Our conclusion on the blackroll

There’s been a real buzz around the blackroll for some time now. We think the roll has earned its popularity. Weighing only 120 grams, the blackroll is extremely handy, yet always remains dimensionally stable. It can handle up to 150 kilograms. In 2009, it won the physio prize for “greatest benefit to its target group” thanks to its simple design. While it might not be able to replace a professional massage, it is ideal for relaxing the muscles or for warm-ups before workouts. Its simple but effective principle has us convinced. We also like its favorable price of around $30.00. A purchase that really pays off.