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Losing weight without a yo-yo effect

Losing weight without a yo-yo effect

Losing weight without a yo-yo effect

This is the goal of pretty much every diet. When it comes to fast weight loss, the yo-yo effect often poses a problem. When we say yo-yo effect, we’re referring to the unwanted weight gain following a diet.

Not only does this mean that the lost weight lost is re-gained, but often even a bit more. In order to avoid this, many put themselves right back on another diet. But even after this diet, the weight comes back and they quickly fall into a vicious cycle, without ever reaching their target weight. Instead, the weight rises and falls, just like a yo-yo.

Lose weight without yo-yo effect

Lose weight without yo-yo effect


The cause of the yo-yo effect

The reason for this undesirable phenomenon is usually a crash diet, during which the body is not sufficiently supplied with nutrients. After a few days, the body registers this deficit as a famine. To be able to survive, it throttles its metabolic activity. The body clings to the fat deposits, which now appear valuable. Precious muscle mass is broken down instead.

The decrease in muscle mass ensures that the body burns fewer calories. The reason is that muscle mass requires energy, even at rest, thereby increasing the basal metabolic rate. The idea of ​​being able to force our bodies to lose weight by eating as little food as possible is a fallacy. Nevertheless, losing weight without a yo-yo effect is possible. One must simply follow a few rules.

What you need to know about losing weight without a yo-yo effect

First of all, you should say goodbye to the hope of being able to lose several pounds of pure fat in a matter of days. A healthy diet and thus losing weight without a yo-yo effect is always a lengthy process – but the result is worth it!

In order to lose 2 pounds of fat, a calorie deficit of 7,000 calories must be achieved. While losing weight without a yo-yo effect, no more than 500 kilocalories should be saved each day. This corresponds to a weight-loss of around 4 pounds per month. Thanks to this relatively relaxed pace, it is unlikely for the yo-yo effect to occur.

Nevertheless, the daily food supply should be increased slowly after reaching the target weight, so that the body can get used to it. The total daily calorie intake the body needs for keeping the weight varies. On average, women should consume around 2,000 calories per day. This value, however, is a rough estimate. It largely depends on one’s age, weight, height and daily activity. There are numerous online tools to calculate a more accurate value. A visit to the doctor is also recommended.

Lose weight healthily without yo-yo effectThe daily saving of calories can be achieved by dieting or physical activity and sport. It’s best of both are combined. This way, neither intense starvation, nor high-performance sport is required. In addition to the amount of calories, the composition of the meals should also be taken into consideration.

A slice of wholemeal bread with lean meats or vegetable soup makes one feel full for longer than the same amount of calories in the form of chocolate. The volumetrics diet is based on this principle. However, the advantage in sports, especially in strength training, is muscle building. That way, calories aren’t just burned during the workout, but also when resting. Those with more muscles have an increased basal metabolic rate. In addition to intense endurance sports, there are also many small everyday ways to increase one’s well-being and also burn calories, such as traveling short distances by bike or on foot.

Those who want to lose weight healthily and stay clear of the yo-yo effect should consider taking a diet supplement rich in amino acids. The micronutrient required for burning fat is called L-carnitine. Losing weight with amino acids works and is an effective booster for burning fat.

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