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Losing Weight Without Exercise

Losing weight without exercise: most people struggling with excess weight want to do this. There are many reasons one might want to lose weight without exercising.

One’s “inner demons” are often the reason. Especially working people don’t have the time or energy for sports. Disease may also impact one’s ability to exercise. All this does not mean that one has to accept their weight, because there are ways to lose weight without exercise.

Although it might seem logical that the absence of a sports programs must be compensated through a starvation diet or some other radical diet, that is not the case. On the contrary: especially those who do not supplement their weight-loss with sports are likely to fall victim to the yo-yo effect when trying to go hungry. A lack of sports during a starvation diet will result in muscle loss and a subsequent slowing of the metabolism – both are clearly undesirable when wanting to lose weight. In order to achieve long-lasting weight-loss without sports, one should maintain a continuous weight-loss of 500 grams per week.

500 g of fat each week is sufficient

Lose weight without exercise It may not sound like much, but since it is a loss of pure fat mass and not water, as is generally the case in a Blitz diet, those few pounds of lost weight become quite visible after a few weeks. These 500 grams are achieved by consuming about 500 calories less than the total amount of calories the body actually needs each day. How many calories that is differs from person to person.

However, some exercise should be included with any diet if it’s possible. This does not need be in the form of high-performance sports. Usually integrating short walks into everyday life is sufficient. This may include taking the stairs instead of the elevator or not using your car if you’re only going a short distance. Even a comfortable walk in between stimulates the body and is easily integrated into everyday life, yet supports a successful diet on the side.

Proper Nutrition and Losing Weight Without Exercise

The key to successful weight-loss without exercise is the diet. Depending on how many pounds one is trying to lose, there are a variety of diet concepts worth considering. In particular, the Weight Watchers diet has helped countless couch potatoes lose weight without exercising. Although one can earn additional points through sports in order to be able to eat more, no actual exercise program is prescribed. In any case, one should ensure that the body is supplied with sufficient nutrients and vital substances. This means that a lot of fruits and vegetables should be consumed, because they contain a lot of vitamins and dietary fiber.

successfully lose weight without exercise No meals should be skipped when losing weight without exercise: Breakfast, lunch and a light supper are recommended. If the respective meals are well-balanced, no renunciation of fats or carbohydrates is necessary to attain the calorie deficit required to lose weight.

The low-glycemic diet is one of many diets which provide suitable recipes that fill the stomach, therefore making you full while providing relatively few calories. Alternatively, formula diets are worth considering. They take advantage of the concept of “losing weight with amino acids” and the effect of L-carnitine on fat burning. However, one should be careful not to replace too many meals with powder shakes, or continuing the diet for longer than recommended. Especially gout patients should consult their doctor due to the increased intake of proteins.

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