Mariah Carey diet: She lost 30 pounds

Is there really a Mariah Carey diet? No, not really. The truth is: Mariah Carey has lost 30 pounds! She has held a strict diet after the birth of her twins in April and has since become the face of the Jenny Craig diet. The US superstar says that she is even more satisfied with her voice.

A very beautifully made video spot, where Mariah Carey is staged very well:

In an interview, Mariah says that her voice has become stronger and fuller than ever. She also feels more comfortable and more beautiful than ever. She goes on to say that she had really been looking forward to losing weight, and that she didn’t know how many pounds pregnancy really brings.

The TV commercials for the Jenny Craig diet are accompanied by Carey’s new song “Make It Happen”. Mariah Carey says: “I wrote this song out of my own inspiration. The song fits so well, because a lot of people lack the motivation to diet after pregnancy. You can’t simply lose a few pounds. Women end up having problems with their weight for the rest of their lives. “

Watch the full interview with Mariah Carey and her diet after pregnancy by clicking on the title video. Also order the book here: