Mayo Diet

Mayo Diet

There are two different versions of the Mayo diet. Firstly, it is known as egg diet, in which almost no carbohydrates are eaten during the week, but up to 25 eggs should be consumed. The high protein intake is meant to prevent breakdown of muscle mass, despite the extreme method of dieting. The official Mayo diet, however, was published in 2007 by Dr. med. Donald Hensrud and is considered to be the “original” Mayo Diet.

There are however some similarities, specifically the high protein and few carbohydrates being consumed. The Mayo diet by Dr. med. Donald Hensrud includes the nutritional aspect, as well as sports, motivation and how to deal with stress. The “Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid” serves as the foundation for this diet. It shows common foods and sorts them based on their energy density.

The goal is to eat foods which make you feel full for a long time, but have few calories. If one mainly eats these foods, one should lose weight permanently. These foods include wholemeal bread, vegetables and fruits. At the top of this food pyramid are products with a high energy density, especially sweets and greasy foods, but also alcohol and sweet sodas. These foods are not completely banned, but they should be recognized as counterproductive and eaten in moderation. In the “serving” section, you’ll find recommendations on how many servings of a food you should eat per day. In the actual weight loss phase, three main meals and snacks are provided. With corresponding recipes, about 1,200 calories are to be consumed each day.

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Mayo Diet Advantages


Food Pyramid Mayo DietThe Mayo diet is one which provides plenty of information for the dieter. Nutrition-aware people may get a good overview from the pyramid, with regards to what a healthy diet composition should look like. As nothing is strictly prohibited, many feel it is easier to persevere the Mayo diet.

Thanks to the principle of going by portions, no individual calories must be counted. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables ensures that the body is always supplied with sufficient nutrients.

Mayo diet disadvantages

The low number of calories is critical and can quickly cause circulatory and concentration problems, as well as lead to the yo-yo effect in the long run. Depending on the daytime occupation of the individual, the number of calories can be increased. Furthermore, fats are certainly not good for building muscle.

Diets which rely on proteins and amino acids in a more direct manner should be given preference. The protein content in the eating plan of the Mayo diet is insufficient. Also, the recommended dishes contain a lot of cholesterol. One can permanently boost the fat burning process with amino acids and L-carnitine – definitely the better alternative for healthy weight loss.

Conclusion – Our Opinion on the Mayo Diet

The Mayo diet is one of the few concepts that do not solely rely on an abandonment of certain foods. Instead, a balanced diet is sought. Motivation and recipe tips for everyday life bring valuable assistance during the weight loss. Even sports are not ignored. Only the amount of calories should be checked individually.

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Mayo Diet Test

The refined principle of the mayo diet offers many tricks and tips on how to persevere and increase in weight loss.

Fast weight loss

Suitable for everyday life

Long-term effect

Healthy & Well-balanced



it's doable

The Mayo diet is protein-heavy, so it should be performed only by healthy people. It is well suited for losing weight, but one should not rule out the possibility of the yo-yo effect.

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