Mediterranean Diet
Mittelmeer Diät - abnehmen mit Genuss

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet (also known as Cretan diet) is not really a diet, as it doesn’t prohibit certain foods. Instead, this diet promotes a long-term change in eating habits and allows you to “lose weight with pleasure”. This keeps participants motivated to pursue their goals without constantly suffering due to an empty stomach. The Mediterranean diet is based on the foods of people from the Mediterranean region.

Olive oil is one ingredient commonly found in the Mediterranean diet. It contains the essential omega-3 fatty acid that the body is not able to produce on it’s own and must be obtained from food. They are known, among other things, for having a positive impact on the cardiovascular system. Also worth mentioning is that olive oil does not raise cholesterol levels – a problem many people struggle with. Other foods you’ll find in the diet plan for the Mediterranean diet include potatoes, legumes, fish and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Seasoning with garlic is also common. In addition to this, one should drink at least 1.5 liters of water throughout the day.

Even red wine is allowed when losing weight with the Mediterranean diet, as long as it does not exceed one glass per day. White flour products are – as with most diets – replaced by those made of whole grains. Nonetheless, whole grains are rarely consumed in the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet provides three main meals per day, as well as two snacks in between. Using appropriate recipes, about 1200-1400 calories are consumed. However, that number can be adapted depending on an individual’s physical activity. Thus, you won’t necessarily lose weight fast, but you may succeed in losing weight long term.

Mediterranean Diet Advantages

[Caption id = “attachment_437” align = “align right” width = “245”] Fresh vegetables and olive oil - lose weight with pleasure: the Mediterranean diet The Mediterranean Diet: Losing weight with fresh vegetables, garlic and olive oil[/ caption]

The tasty Mediterranean mixed diet helps keep participants motivated. Also, because the recipes are cooked by the dieter, they will learn a lot about “good” and “bad” food components.

Meals are easy to put together and great for singles as well as families. The meals are balanced and healthy. They include many vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

Mediterranean Diet Disadvantages

Sometimes, the tasty meals included in the Mediterranean diet make it difficult not to over-eat. However, without a calorie deficit, the body can’t lose weight.

Therefore, people interested in the Mediterranean diet need to keep an eye on how much they eat. One’s goal should be a caloric deficit of no more than 500 calories. For this purpose, participants in the Mediterranean diet may also take part in an exercise program to help burn some of the extra calories.

Furthermore, this diet does not pay enough attention to the intake of proteins and amino acids. More particularly to the enzymes contained therein, which are great at stimulating fat burning.

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Conclusion – Our Opinion on the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is quite suitable for losing weight. However, it is important that in addition to the composition of the diet, one also pays attention to quantity and calories. A complementary sports program rounds off this diet. The effect of amino acids can also help boost fat burning.

Have you tried the Mediterranean diet? Share your best recipes for t he Mediterranean diet!

Mediterranean Diet Test

Healthy and balanced eating with joy. This is achieved with the Mediterranean diet. In addition, you can lose weight in the long run by using the right recipe selection.

Fast weight loss

Suitable for everyday life

Long-term effect

Healthy & Well-balanced



Good Change in Diet

You should pay attention to a reduced calorie intake. The delicious recipes require discipline to not to overeat. Apart from that, the Mediterranean diet is well-suited for losing weight.

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