New Years Resolutions: Lose Weight Successfully!

New Years Resolutions: Lose Weight Successfully!

Many resolutions have been made for the new year. As usual these include things like quit smoking, spend more time with your children, no more alcohol or even asking your boss for a raise. However, there are two more resolutions always at the top of the list. Almost every one of us has made them before, in one form or another: Pay more attention to your diet and get more physical exercise, i.e. lose weight.

Most of us manage to stick to these resolutions for a few days. Yet, once there’s bad weather or one of the typical winter colds come, your will and your inner voice disappear and the inner couch-potato wins the battle.

Experts advise on making resolutions

In time for the new year, the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich has taken up the theme “From good intent to action” and collected expert tips on how to best implement resolutions from various institutes.

Dieter Frey, professor of social psychology at the LMU, emphasizes seven points one should consider if you’re serious about actually putting resolutions into action:

  1. Is the resolution truly important to me?
  2. A concrete plan for implementation must be found: When, where and how do I start and keep going?
  3. One should reflect on possible “excuses” for failing the good intention in advance and deal with them. This serves to prevent them from surprising you later on.
  4. The classic yellow sticky note posted at eye level, on the bathroom mirror or refrigerator for example, constantly remind you of your goal and encourage you to endure.
  5. You shouldn’t set goals that are too difficult. Whom seeks to lose 20lbs from New Year’s til Epiphany will likely fail. Taking smaller steps that are clearly defined is preferable.
  6. It’s best to share one’s resolutions with others. Being asked whether you’ve achieved your goals serves to further motivate.
  7. Patience is a virtue. This virtue is particularly important to reaching your goals. Without patience, one might lose motivation and give up.

These seven points should make it possible for 2014 resolutions to work out, so that they don’t become 2015 resolutions.

Resolutions 2014: Successfully lose weight

What does that mean to those who want to lose weight? The LMU has spoken to an expert, Professor Dr. med. Berthold Koletzko, Head of Metabolism and Nutrition, regarding this matter. Prof. Dr. Koletzko offers valuable tips which should help any diet be a success:

Resolutions 2014 - less snacks Each of us should first consider what we eat and drink. Special attention should be paid to recognizing occasions for which we consume unhealthy foods. Many people have a problem consuming a lot of fatty and sugary foods in the evening while watching TV.

Here’s a good point for a resolution, because almost nobody can follow through on a complete ban of of unhealthy foods. And since the good intent should last longer than the first week of January, achieving realistic goals in small steps is key. If you don’t want to or can’t abstain from evening munchies, you should think about a change of snacks. Instead of chips and chocolate you can try cucumber sticks and watermelon.

A very important part of a healthy diet is breakfast. Many try to lose weight by simply omitting breakfast. Yet, experience has shown that later in the day they binge. The calories saved from breakfast are usually made up for, typically even more calories than were saved.

As already stated in the seven points of Dieter Frey, you should share your good intention with your friends or your family. If you express your goals, you’ll have friends frequently checking on whether you’ve already been able to lose weight. This is a great means of supervision and motivation. And if someone participates, it can even be a fun experience for both of you.

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Resolutions 2014: More physical exercise

Dr. med. Eduard Kraft, Head of the Interdisciplinary Pain Clinic at LMU’s University Hospital, points out that sport is the best medicine.

Resolutions 2014: More sportsSports help with many of the classic widespread diseases such as back pain, arthrosis and osteoporosis. In addition, physical exercise helps prevent cardiovascular disease and the reduction of mental activity. Last but not least, sports help with obesity and diabetes and may even prevent it. For that matter, it’s irrelevant what level of fitness you’re at. Any movement is good, and will definitely help you lose weight.

Those who have not participated in any sports for a while, or have never come into contact with sports, should start very slowly. A 30 minute walk three times a week is all it takes to adjust the body to the movement. Those who are striving to lose weight should extend the walks 60 minutes three times per week.

Nowadays, there are many combined sports that address all areas of the body and are also well suited for beginners. Dr. Kraft strongly recommends Qi Gong or Tai Chi. Doing sports in a group or with a sports partner will make it easier to stay motivated.

The right diet for you in 2014

These tips will help you in defining your goals and more importantly in reaching them. You can find the right way to reach your desired weight with our help. We have tested and evaluated many different diets. Do you want to change your diet and lose weight with sport? Check our page for advice and the right diet!

You can find other online diets in the respective category. Of course we have also tested many meals replacement diets, which are especially useful if you wish to lose weight quickly. Formula diets can also support you when you start changing your diet. For example, the Yokebe diet or the Almased diet can help you quickly lose a few pounds and then continue working on your dream body in a healthy way with a long term change in diet and exercise.

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We wish you success in achieving your goals for 2014! With these tips, it will work for sure!

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