The Office Diet

The Office Diet

The success of a diet strongly depends on how it can be integrated into everyday life. Professionals often struggle with not being able to cook complicated recipes during lunch break. Instead, they walk to the snack shop or drive to a fast food restaurant. Reduced calorie intake and healthy cooking are almost never a part of such dishes.

A remedy for this is the office diet. It is easy to integrate into every day life. The concept behind it was developed by nutritionist Dr. Detlef Pape. He also invented the “Lose weight while sleeping” method.

In the office diet, the day should start with a hearty breakfast. Ideally, one with lots of carbohydrates, for example, cereal or wholemeal bread. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Especially working people need energy for everyday life. Waiving the morning food often leads to concentration problems, inefficiency and cravings before lunch.

Animal proteins, such as in sausage and cheese, should be avoided as much as possible. Nutella and jam on the other hand are allowed. That way, burning fat is stimulated and one can survive until lunch without extra sweets or snacks. At lunch, it’s best to combine carbohydrates and proteins.

Office diet

Office diet: Almost no other diet permits pasta

Pasta with tomato sauce is acceptable, as are rice dishes with lean meats. Again, dieters with the office diet should eat enough: The body needs the energy during the day and the calories will be used up because you’re busy and active. Snacks before dinner are unnecessary and the body learns that it does not need to be fed every hour.

However, during the evening, you should not eat any more carbohydrates. Instead, eat foods that are rich in protein. Poultry, meat and fish are recommended, along with salads and vegetables.

Office Diet Advantages

The test persons with whom Dr. Pape, tested the Office diet lost over 20 pounds in five months and were able to maintain that weight permanently. Therefore, the diet is a great alternative to the blitz diet, which often leads to the yo-yo effect. Also, shopping for special foods is not needed. Since the rules are relatively loose, many participants find it easy to stick to the diet.

Office Diet Disadvantages

The downside to the office diet is that fruits are largely ignored. Fruits are one of our main sources for fiber and vitamins. In the office diet, however, all snacks are omitted on purpose.

It is therefore advisable, for example, to have a banana with breakfast, an apple cut into the cereal or a tomato with bread. The hard to digest vegetables in the evening have been known to cause some people stomach problems. This is why you should only try this diet if you are able to adhere to the rules.

Conclusion – Our Opinion on the Office Diet

The office diet is designed for long-lasting success. It is easy to carry out and not too strict. Those who want to lose weight quickly, should not perform the office diet. Also, ensure that the rules of the Office Diet are boosted with fruits to provide the body with all the essential nutrients.

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Office Diet Test

Lose weight while you sleep - no problem, even for working people, thank to the office diet. Dr. Pape has the solution.

Fast weight loss

Suitable for everyday life

Long-term effect

Healthy & Well-balanced



Good alternative for working people

This diet is effective and balanced. Only fruits should receive more attention.