One Day Diet
One Day Diät: gesund abnehmen

One Day Diet

As the name suggests, the One Day Diet only lasts one day. However, it is carried out each week. On which day of the week is not important. It is a day of fasting, on which little to no solid foods are eaten.

However, in order to fill the stomach and stabilize the circulation, participants drink plenty of fluids. Mineral water, natural juices, vegetable broth, tea and whey are on the day’s schedule. They are known for having a “fat burning” effect. Furthermore, whey helps to get rid of harmful waste stored in the body. The rest of the week, participants should eat normally, yet try to stay conscious of their diet and avoid junk foods.

Jennifer Jolan introduces the concept in her book of the same name. She states that one can expect to lose up to four pounds a week with the One Day Diet. Supposedly, the yo-yo effect won’t occur, because the body is supplied with all the essential nutrients during the rest of the week. Jane Kennedy also recommends plenty of exercise, as well as incorporating more fruits and vegetables into one’s diet. The One Day Diet is carried out for as long as it takes to reach the target weight. The healthier nutrition habits and exercise should be continued after the diet in order to maintain the weight.

One Day Diet Advantages

One Day Diet: fasting for one day

One Day Diet: Fasting for one day

Simply fast for one day each week – this is a reasonable alternative for people who find it difficult to stay motivated. Which day the diet falls on is completely up to the dieter. Thus, you don’t have to worry about fasting during important exams or stressful times at work. The One Day Diet does not cost anything and a calorie deficit and weight loss are very likely to occur.

A nutrient deficiency is not expected due to the short period of time. Furthermore, a day of fasting also strengthens nutrition awareness in many people, as they realize how many unnecessary snacks are eaten everyday.

One Day Diet Disadvantages

Those trying to lose weight quickly will be disappointed by the One Day Diet. Furthermore, there is a risk that participants of this diet will end up eating too much during the rest of the week. The calorie deficit is quickly made up for and no progress is made. Also, the formation of waste in the body and the effect of whey is not entirely scientifically established.

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Conclusion – Our Opinion on the One Day Diet

The One Day Diet is an option for people who don’t want to restrict themselves every day. Nevertheless, it is still important not to over-eat. Those who do will see no progress at the end of each week and may even gain weight, especially if the food they eat is unhealthy.

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One Day Diet Test

Fasting for one day each week and eating normally for the remaining days. More sports also support this diet.

Fast weight loss

Suitable for everyday life

Long-term effect

Healthy & Well-balanced


Not Bad!

It's doable

This diet is not harmful. But the benefits can only be identified in the long run. And for this diet to work, you must also exercise on the other days of the week.

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