Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet

More and more diet testers have started focusing on the Paleo diet, because many people, including some celebrities now swear on the principles of this diet. We tested and evaluated the Paleo diet some time ago. You will find it under the name Stone Age diet on our website, because the Paleo diet is about implementing the nutrition and exercise habits of people from the Stone Age.

Paleo diet – a brief overview

In the Stone Age, food was collected, hunted and eaten in it’s most natural form with the flow of the seasons. According to the Paleo diet, the industrial processing which is common in today’s diet is in complete contrast with the diet to which our body has been accustomed over tens of thousands of years.

This leads to numerous health problems, the so-called “diseases” of civilization. For the most part, these include obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. According to the supporters of the Paleo diet, conscientiously implementing the “stone age diet” helps to keep these threats under control.

Of course, experts have taken this diet even further. They don’t stop at a change in diet. Even the inactive lifestyle that is so common in today’s world, mainly due to today’s professions, is making us sick. In the Stone Age, depending on their tasks, people would often walk or run countless miles and even carry great weights over long distances. The human body is actually designed for these movements. Nowadays, you can simulate these movements by going jogging, lifting weights in the gym or by trying popular sports, such as running barefoot or CrossFit.

Want to learn more about the Paleo Diet? Then read our article on the stone age diet. You can find the advantages and disadvantages as well as our opinion of the Paleo diet in the in-depth discussion.

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Good luck with your weight loss endeavors!

Paleo DiƤt Test

In the Paleo diet we are remind of the beginnings of mankind. Using a primordial diet and exercise won't just make you healthier, but also slimmer.

Fast weight loss

Suitable for everyday life

Long-term effect

Healthy & Well-balanced


Not Bad!

Recommended for Disciplined Persons

Basically, a good approach, although some aspects can be difficult to implement. One has to be very disciplined to cope with this diet long-term.