Pasta Diet
Nudel Diät: Drei mal täglich Pasta

Pasta Diet

Not only is pasta many people’s favorite dish, but it’s also considered a slimming product in the pasta diet. The pasta diet is based on the belief that the supply of durum wheat semolina makes one feel full longer, but contains relatively few calories. This is partially because they absorb a lot of water when cooking. So the mass of a portion increases, but not the caloric value.

The recommended implementation of the pasta diet differs. Usually, one should consume one serving of pasta with every meal for 5 to 7 days, this includes breakfast. The pasta diet is not quite as monotonous as it sounds. There are various recipes and side dishes, so that one doesn’t lose interest and give up. One dish, for example, is made with mushrooms, tomatoes, and Bolognese sauce from tofu or fresh salmon. Even more exotic dishes like vanilla noodles with raspberries or Asian noodle soup can be a part of the daily meal plan.

Even better is the use of whole wheat pasta: They are nutritious, saturate faster, and last longer. Also, they have more vitamins and minerals. There are about 150 calories per 100 grams of cooked whole-grain pasta. While similar to light pasta, usually smaller portions are consumed.

Pasta Diet Advantages

Pasta Diet

Pasta diet permits salad (or perhaps lettuce – refer to picture)

As long as the preparation varies and fresh side dishes are used, the pasta diet is quite healthy. The pasta diet does not signify that one should live exclusively on pasta. To compensate, a protein rich meal may be prepared, ideally in the evening.

Above all, the carbohydrates prevent the fatigue feeling that one knows from other diets. Furthermore, a yo-yo effect is highly unlikely – although rapid success of the diet is just as unlikely.

Pasta Diet Disadvantages

The question is whether one can stay motivated to eat pasta three times a day for several days. Also, one should not be deceived: A calorie deficit must exist in order to lose weight.

The pasta diet alone does not provide weight loss when the servings are too large or it is not balanced with how much movement one gets. In addition, the food is low in proteins and amino acids, which are important for building muscle and many enzymatic processes.

Conclusion – Our Opinion on the Pasta Diet

Conclusion: There are numerous pasta recipes that taste great and make you feel full for long. A pasta diet is therefore relatively easy to implement. But the pasta dishes are not particularly low in calories. It is therefore questionable, whether the diet is actually suitable to lose weight.

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Have you tried the Pasta diet? Share your experiences with the pasta diet and discuss them with others!

Pasta Diet Test

Eat pasta three times a day and lose weight. If you like pasta, you will love this diet. This diet stays fun thanks to different side dishes.

Fast weight loss

Suitable for everyday life

Long-term effect

Healthy & Well-balanced


Not Bad!

Not suitable for losing weight

The pasta diet relies on carbohydrates to lose weight. Noodles make you feel full for longer. However, the weight loss success is minimal and the desire for noodles is lost after a week.

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