Powter Diet

Powter Diet


Strictly speaking, the Susan Powter diet is not really a diet, because in her written book “C’mon, America, Let’s Eat!” the author Susan Powter promises that weight-loss can be achieved without diets and the growling stomach associated with it.

She is the best example, for she has reportedly lost about 120 pounds using her method. The program emphasizes three different aspects:

  1. low-fat diet.
  2. plenty of exercise.
  3. proper breathing.

While point one and two still seem logical, the aspect of breathing makes many curious. Susan Powter explains abdominal breathing and recommends it for effectively losing weight. It leads to more oxygen entering the bloodstream, which is accompanied by an increase in performance and a faster working fat metabolism.

In addition, the breathing exercises are intended to ensure an inner relaxation, which should lead to more perseverance and avoiding a yo-yo effect.

[Caption id = “attachment_155” align = “align right” width = “380”] Susan Powter DietSusan Powter Diet: high-protein and low-fat diet preferred[/ caption]

In addition, no food should receive more than 30 percent of its total calories from fats according to the Susan Powter diet. So the concept is based on the Low Fat 30 variant for losing weight. Proteins, however, are important. In particular from legumes and lean meats, especially poultry. Dairy products should be avoided or only eaten in small portions.

Susan Powter Diet Advantages

The Susan Powter diet is considered balanced and promising. The diet is not drastically restricted and it is supported by an exercise plan.

Even severely obese are not overwhelmed here: Like Susan Powter, you can even begin with daily walks and slowly increase. The Susan Powter diet is also suitable as a long-term diet. In this case, only the dairy products should not be entirely avoided.

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Susan Powter Diet Disadvantages

There’s not much one can criticize with the Susan Powter Diet. The concept it’s based on is not brand new, but merely underlined by tips and tricks. Based on the amount of calories consumed, it is of course a diet, because a daily calorie deficit results in weight-loss.

Unfortunately, Susan Powters version is missing the exact scientific link between breathing and weight reduction. Other diet concepts are far more secure from a scientific standpoint (for example losing weight with amino acids).

Conclusion – Our Opinion on the Susan Powter diet

All in all, the Susan Powter diet is a successful diet concept. A change of diet and exercise are balanced and motivational materials help support the implementation of the program. Who combines the Susan Powter diet with useful nutritional supplements (fat burner), is likely to achieve permanent and healthy weight loss and reach the desired weight.

Have you tried the Susan Powter Diet? What is your opinion on this diet plan? Leave a comment to discuss it with others!

Powter Diet Test

C'mon America, Let's Eat! Says Susan Powter in her book of the same name. Diet, sports and breathing are the secret.

Fast weight loss

Suitable for everyday life

Long-term effect

Healthy & Well-balanced


Very Good!

Good Change in Diet

We can only endorse the diet and exercise. It is not clear whether correct breathing plays a role, but it cannot hurt.