The Relationship Calorie-Trap

The Relationship Calorie-Trap

Spring is springing up all over and the thoughts of singletons everywhere are turning to love. To improve their chances of finding a partner, they take steps to ensure that their physical appearance is as attractive as their personality, for example they play sport, eat healthy, balanced meals and generally look after their appearance.

But then what happens when the partner is found? Meals out, DVD evenings and just generally enjoying quality time together become more important than sport and eating together helps a couple to stay together. In short, you start laying the ground for a future together.

What leads to weight gain in a relationship?

When a relationship “gets serious” and begins to look like a solid partnership, trips to a restaurant and delicious dinners for two start to become the rule rather than the exception. Counting the calories ends as a serious relationship gets started. In most cases, this is true of both partners equally and as love begins to blossom, it’s not a big deal for either. At some point however, a line is crossed and a person’s health starts to be affected. At that point, it’s time to find a way to lose those love handles and get rid of the weight which has crept back on.

Rich food, especially in the evenings after 7PM, nibbles on a DVD evening together and breakfast in bed instead of sport or even just going for a walk, these are the ways to put on weight in a relationship. You can also add the fact there there is less pressure to look good than there was as a singleton. You feel secure and can let yourself go a bit.

How do you escape the relationship calorie-trap?

People who enter relationships remembering that rich food and lack of exercise is a bad combination for the waistline, have already started out in the right direction. The key point is to get your partner on board so that “keeping in shape” becomes a joint project and you’re both motivated to keep it on track.

Kalorienfalle PartnerschaftInstead of sharing breakfast in bed, there are many alternative ways to spend the earliest hours of the day in a sensible and calorie-burning way. For example, a short bike ride followed by a healthy breakfast can be good for your relationship as well as your figure.

Cutting down on meals out in restaurants and exchanging them for evenings spent cooking and eating together can do more than just improve your figure. Preparing and enjoying food together can help you and your partner to learn more about what you have in common with each other. You can also discover favorite dishes, which won’t show up on the scales the next day. From buying the ingredients to eating the resulting dish by candle-light, an evening meal together can be made into an event to be enjoyed.

Entering into a new relationship can spring the relationship calorie-trap as different partners have different preferences. Life is all about compromises. In terms of sport and fitness, what this can mean in practical terms is that it’s easier just to drop sport, than to head over to the fitness studio with your partner, even though one or both of you just doesn’t want to be there. Likewise going jogging by yourself isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, especially if you know that your partner is at home curled up on the sofa.

The solution to keeping a relationship together without piling on the calories is to find one or more different sports which you both enjoy. The key to this is to keep on trying different options until you find the one(s) which suit(s) you both. Climbing, cycling, jogging, water sports and hiking are all great sports for couples. Good indoor sports for the cold season include swimming, tennis, squash, the gym or exercise classes.

You can also exercise at home with the help of various books. Click on this link to find the books we recommend for you.

At the end of the day, you both need to talk openly to each other to define the problem of weight gain and to find solutions you can both buy into. Then keeping off the pounds together becomes just one of the many things which helps to maintain a good, balanced and healthy relationship and to avoid the relationship calorie-trap.