Running Diet

Running Diet

The running diet’s name says it all: In addition to food, movement plays a very important role. Steffny Herbert and Dr. Wolfgang Feil are the masterminds behind this diet. Both have a sporting and scientific background.

Running is not the only aspect of this diet. A total of seven factors are taken into consideration: Initially, one should eat spicy foods in order to boost the metabolism from within. Food that’s not usually hot can be seasoned with garlic, red pepper and ginger. Also, the nutrients are taken seriously: Instead of focusing on low-carb, quality whole grains are consumed (“Moderate-Carb”).

High quality oils and many protein-rich meals supplement the diet. In addition, one should eat foods with plenty of amino acids to help boost the body’s hormone production. Point number four is the exercise program. It serves to lose weight and should also provide more vitality and balance.

Running Diet

Running Diet must also include vegetables and fruits

The last three factors of the running diet are knowledge, realization and motivation. Participants will get to know how their body works and how it responds to diet and exercise. All important aspects are addressed. From recipes, to the equipment that is needed for the successful implementation of the running diet.

Last but not least is that one’s stamina needs to be improved. For this, readers will learn about the consequences of obesity and the great advantages that come with a healthy weight.

Running Diet Advantages

Because of the combination of a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, the running diet is ideal to effectively and permanently lose weight. The body gets all the nutrients it needs to function, despite the caloric deficit. It also has enough power to further enhance the vitality through movement and to easily maintain the target weight.

Running Diet Disadvantages

There are some minor problems: Not everyone can tolerate spicy food and the recipes are difficult to integrate in everyday life, especially for families and professionals. Also, rigorous exercise programs often give in to the “weaker self”.

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Conclusion – Our Opinion on the Running Diet

The basic approach of the running diet is worth gold. Slimmers should not be afraid to experiment with recipes that are not only low in calories, but also practical for them. Obese people, however, might want to discuss the exercise program with their doctor.

Protein-rich foods can stimulate the fat burning process. Red meat (beef, lamb, venison) is especially advantageous, because only red meat has a high content of the fat burner L-Carnitine. Those who eat little or no red meat should stimulate fat burning with a nutritional supplement (see losing weight with amino acids).

What do you combine with the elements of the running diet? Did it help you succeed? How do you motivate yourself to run? Do you run better by yourself or with others? Is it better to run in the morning or evening? Share your comments on the running diet here!

Running Diet Test

Losing weight by running, that sounds exhausting but effective. With the running diet to get a healthy, athletic body and melt the kilos.

Fast weight loss

Suitable for everyday life

Long-term effect

Healthy & Well-balanced


Very Good!


When losing weight through sport we can only say very clearly: We recommend! With the running diet, eating habits are changed and at the same time there are plenty of tips on how to persevere this diet.

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