Schuhbeck Diet
Die Schuhbeck Diät

Schuhbeck Diet

Alfons Schuhbeck, a celebrity chef well known throughout Germany, is already competent on the topic of food and nutrition due to his occupation. Together with two other nutrition experts, Dr. med. Michael Adolph and Dr. med. Marc Martignoni, he developed the Schuhbeck diet. We have examined this diet carefully and thoroughly.

The 12 Golden Rules of the Schuhbeck diet

Living by 12 rules sounds challenging at first, yet depending on the nature of the rules, it may be quite simple. Each rule of the Alfons Schuhbeck diet is justified, which makes it easier to follow them. After all, one gets the meaning behind them.

1. Forget About Fast Diets

Crash diets aren’t really suitable for long-term weight loss. Also, rapid weight loss is unhealthy. It has been known to lead to gallstones, osteoporosis and hormone problems. The human body needs time to get used to a light and healthy diet. It is also important to consider the yo-yo effect, this almost always occurs after a crash diet and just factors in more stress.

2. The metabolism has to adjust

Weight loss in small steps should take place systematically and with fixed targets. Only then can the metabolism be changed accordingly so you can maintain a healthy body weight. In addition, the meals should be eaten regularly. Hungering is by no means a solution for losing weight, because the hunger stress causes more insulin to be released. As a result, the craving for food is increased.

3. Eat in a versatile fashion

Schuhbeck Diät - Eat in a versatile fashionWhen foods or certain nutrients are stridtly forbidden, a diet cannot function properly. In this case, the body undergoes a supply deficit and tries to compensate for this accordingly. Say you stop eating foods with carbohydrates, the energy balance is upset and food cravings occur because the body urgently demands the missing nutrient. For this matter, it is important to find the right combination.

4. Energy Quality

Depending on how a particular food is cooked, it may have a different energy quality. For example, 76 grams of French fries with mayonnaise have about 300 calories. But the same amount of calories is also offered by a baked potato with herb quark. However, the baked potato weighs 225 grams on the scale. The energy quality of the baked potato is thus higher. You can eat more to fill you up and you can better supply your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs.

5. Lots of vegetables

Vegetables contain fiber, vitamins, minerals and so-called secondary plant ingredients. They are low in calories and fill you up. Thus eating plenty of vegetables is the best way to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. There is a multitude of different vegetables. There is something to cater to everyone’s taste. And it is easy to combine them with other ingredients in every dish. Whomever wants to lose weight, shouldn’t go for a hamburger of 200 grams, but rather for 3.5 kilos of vegetables with the same energy value.

6. Fish and meat in moderation

If possible, meat should be eaten in moderate portions and only from time to time. One should ensure that lean meats such as venison, veal and chicken are used. Even with fish, there are big differences in caloric content. While herring, salmon and mackerel have healthy omega-3 fatty acids, they also contain a number of unhealthy fats. However, the lower calorie fish are pikeperch, plaice and trout.

7. Stay away from light products

Light products promise less calories and the same enjoyment. Unfortunately, this does not work right. Light products are usually heavily processed and enriched with flavor enhancers. This makes you to eat more of these products than you need to get full. Then there is the psychological effect: If that is Light, I can eat more of it. Thus, the desired effect is bypassed. It is much better to eat fully-fledged with pleasure and be disciplined.

8. Try new things – spice creatively

Those who cook the same food every day, no matter how healthy that food may be, will not succeed in maintaining the nutrition concept Healthy & Slim for very long. A lot of momentum can be brought into the kitchen with spices and herbs. A roasted piece of turkey breast seasoned with curry tastes quite different from “nature”.

How to properly season and vary is explained by Alfons Schuhbeck in this book:

9. Fats are good – as long as they are the right kind

Schuhbeck Diät - Fats are good

Animal fats should be enjoyed in moderation. They strain the body more and also cause the pounds to disappear slowly. Healthy vegetable fats such as olive oil, canola oil or linseed oil support a diet and also ensure that the body’s fat metabolism works well.

A book on linseed oil by Alfons Schuhbeck also exists:

10. Exercise is good

The best diet is a good basis for weight reduction, but movement will further accelerate the Schuhbeck diet. Those who have not participated in any sports before should take things slowly at first and start with walking. Later on, you can slowly progress to jogging and other sports. When you move, you burn energy, push the metabolism and feel more balanced overall.

11. Drink plenty

Drinking 1 liter of water burns 100 calories, the stomach is filled, you feel full more quickly, and the body stays hydrated. Of course you can also drink tea, but soft drinks should be avoided entirely and alcohol should only consumed in moderation.

12. Eating with joy

A diet should not be bad and annoying, it should be fun and enhance your quality of life. According to this principle, you should take your time when preparing food and of course while enjoying it. That is possible with the recipes in the Schuhbeck diet.

Schuhbeck Diet Advantages

This diet was developed by three people who deal with food from different perspectives. The health aspect is covered by the two doctors, while Alfons Schuhbeck is responsible for the enjoyment. One can therefore assume that the weight loss is sustainable. And we can confirm that it tastes amazing.

A change in diet, as aspired by the Schuhbeck diet, is always the right choice if you’re looking to lose weight long term. And the Schuhbeck diet is also healthy, balanced and tasty.

Would you like to buy the book on the Schuhbeck Diet? Follow this link and you can conveniently order it to your home:

Schuhbeck Diet Disadvantages

One drawback, if you want to refer to it as such, is the fact that rapid weight loss is not planned or possible. According to Alfons Schuhbeck, rapid weight loss, like a crash diet, is the exact opposite of what he wants to achieve with his diet.

The recipes are real head turners, yet they can be difficult to implement for inexperienced cooks. The ingredients are top quality and unfortunately also more expensive.

Whomever wants to lose weight quickly should browse our site. We have even rated all diets according to the speed of weight loss.

Conclusion regarding the Schuhbeck Diet

We recommend the Schuhbeck diet to people who wish to eat healthy, lose weight sustainably and incorporate physical exercise. In addition, the recipes taste amazing, are versatile and there is something for everyone. With this diet you’ll be able to construct a nutritional awareness which will allow you to stay slim and healthy for the rest of your life.

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Schuhbeck Diet Test

A diet by three experts. That sounds promising.

Fast weight loss

Suitable for everyday life

Long-term effect

Healthy & Well-balanced


Very Good!


This change in diet has a lot of background information and fancies eating. Attain your dream figure without hunger, but with joy and pleasure.

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