Shangri-La Diet

Shangri-La Diet

The Shangri-La Diet promises high spirits while working towards your dream body. The name comes from a monastery in the Himalayas, which is considered a place of calm and deep peace. The Shangri-La Diet is made to convey this feeling. Seth Roberts associated the priorities of nutrition with psychology, and formed this diet concept.

The Shangri-La is quite different from other diets: Twice a day, a spoonful of sugar is dissolved in water and then drunk. This makes you feel full and refreshed. The body is also able to obtain energy from the sugar. If one does not like the flavor, they can alternatively use a spoon vegetable oil instead. The full glass is always drunk one hour before the next meal.

While normal meals are still being eaten, the Water Trick should automatically lead to smaller portions because no great hunger exists. This should eventually lead to the necessary calorie deficit. There are no prohibitions on food, diet plans or laborious calorie counting. However, one should still try to avoid snacks, and eat no more than three main meals per day. This will add up to about 1,000 kilocalories per day.

Shangri-La Diet: everything may be eaten

When choosing foods, one should pay attention to “taste”: Because the stronger something tastes, the more we eat of it.

Shangri-La Diet Advantages

Since the meals the Shangri-La diet may be freely composed, there is no danger that the body is not receiving enough nutrients. In addition, the diet is very easy to integrate with everyday life, because the modifications are small.

Shangri-La Diet Disadvantages

Exercise falls short in the Shangri-La diet, because it only mentions that it can help. An entry path into sports is not prescribed. Also, drinking a glass of water to ease appetite before the next meal is not new.

Adding sugar or oil results in unnecessary extra calories that would be healthier if coming from fruits and vegetables. Therefore, any weight loss is due to the low number of calories and often not permanent. Furthermore, because there is no diet plan, many people remain in the dark and eat the wrong things.

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Conclusion – Our Opinion on the Shangri-La Diet

The Shangri-La diet is not recommended, since it lacks a concrete change of diet and exercise habits. However, the drinking of warm water before eating is a time-honored trick to feel full faster at the next meal. Those who wish to lose weight without a yo-yo effect should seek a different diet.

What do you think about the Shangri-La Diet? Have you tried the Shangri-La Diet and successfully lost weight? Leave your comment and talk with others!

Shangri-La Diet Test

Inner peace and quiet, and besides still lose weight. That sounds promising.

Fast weight loss

Suitable for everyday life

Long-term effect

Healthy & Well-balanced


Not Bad!

Not Recommended

The water trick is nothing new, however, are sugar or oil in water unnecessary calories. It works even without these additions.

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