Shred Diet

Have you dieted in the past, but still had trouble achieving your dream weight? If this is the case, the Shred diet is just right for you, says Dr. Ian Smith. He originally developed it for a friend who couldn’t get rid of those last few pounds and reach their ideal weight after doing a diet. This stagnation in weight loss is very typical and often tempts dieters to give up all together. The yo-yo effect occurs and the weight that already has been lost comes back.

In the USA, Dr. Ian Smith is known for working for the National Health Council, as well as being a writer for the New York Times and Men’s Health. He studied medicine at Harvard and now has a published book on his sensational diet. In the US, his book quickly made it to the top of the bestseller lists.

What is the Shred Diet?

Precise time plan of the Shred DietThe Shred diet promises a loss of up to 24 pounds of weight, as well as up to 10 cm girth in just 6 weeks. This is achieved by means of well-defined daily routines which one must adhere to meticulously. It prescribes 4 meals and 3 snacks per day, which are precisely specified in calories and time. Even the corresponding drinks are predefined. This diet plan is designed in such a diverse way, that boredom and deficiency symptoms can virtually be ruled out. In this plan, between 1100 and 1300 calories are consumed each day.

Furthermore, the Shred Diet includes 5 sport sessions per week, each of them 45 minutes long. These are also described in the book in detail. Its specified times are even part of the daily routine of a shredder.

Participants of the Shred diet are called Shredders. There are special Facebook groups in which the successes and even the problems with the Shred diet are shared and discussed.

6 weeks of Shred Diet according to plan

The Shred Diet offers a different theme each week. The variety in the diet ensures you will stay motivated. It also makes it easier to stay focused on when the diet will be over.

Week 1 – Start

You may only check the scale on the first day of each week.

The first week’s meals are very diverse, it is designed to keep the metabolism on its toes. During this first week, one of the daily snacks may even be replaced by an unhealthy snack.

5 units of endurance training, each 30 minutes, will also stimulate your metabolism and mood for the next few weeks.

Week 2 – The Challenge

Meals should be planned in advance and not a single meal may be skipped. Even if you’re really not hungry, you should still try to eat as much of the prescribed meal as possible. The specified time intervals ensure that the insulin level remains constant. Consequently, food cravings can be avoided and the weight-loss occurs even faster.

In addition to the endurance training from the first week, 2 to 3 strength trainings of 40 minutes are to be carried out per week.

Week 3 – Metamorphosis

During the third week, most shredders experience a low point and would like to quit. This is because the calorie intake is reduced once more, while the training of week 2 is kept the same. The metamorphosis is the toughest week of the Shred diet.

Shred Diet with SportSports such as Nordic walking, biking, swimming, or use of a trampoline are recommended to sport beginners. More Advanced sportspeople may also choose jogging, inline skating, Zumba, hiking or rowing to work on their stamina. Weight training can be performed in the gym, as well as at home using free weights or a Thera band.

Week 4 – Upswing

This week could also be called the “over the hill phase”. The diet of week 3 is maintained. For this, it must be ensured that the diet is diverse and offers lots of vegetables, fish and lean meat. With regards to the serving sizes of vegetables, the rule of thumb (1 serving of vegetables = size of a fist) applies.

The sports program remains the same chronologically. The intensity is increased by Sprint intervals during endurance sports or heavier weights during weight training.

Week 5 – Liberation

Detox with the Shred DietOnce the body and soul are strong, detoxification of the body takes place. In this week, a detox program ensures that the toxins are eliminated. There’s absolutely no alcohol, but instead a lot of lemon water, cranberry juice and hibiscus tea are drunk. Omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed and flaxseed oil assist the cleaning process. This week, the plan must be followed particularly closely.

The sports program is carried out exactly as in week 4.

Week 6 – Triumph

The menu is varied again and the sports program is also slightly changed. Those who make it to week 6 have come a long way.

Overall, each day’s schedule can be shifted with regards to the times, but the intervals between meals and snacks should always be respected. A glass of water should be consumed before and during each meal.

Shred Diet Advantages

Thanks to the complete plan for the entire six weeks, you don’t need to worry about what you eat and when or whether it’s inline with the diet. It’s all prescribed in detail. One only needs to set an alarm and prepare the meals accordingly.

Dr. Ian Smith is a physician and highly recognized as a health expert throughout the USA. This suggests that the Shred diet causes no problems whatsoever.

You can see and feel success quickly, which drives motivation.

Deficiency symptoms are very unlikely thanks to the diverse meals.

The sports units serve to lose weight, and also improve overall fitness and health. Sports always come with a free portion of good mood.

You can download the book by Dr. Ian Smith entitled “SHRED – The success-diet without hungering: 6 weeks, 2 dress sizes, 1 Sensation”. Just follow this link:

Shred Diet Disadvantages

Many find it difficult to implement the fixed daily routine into their everyday life. Almost anyone who is employed will have difficulty in complying with the meal times.

The low calorie intake and the high sporting requirements make it easy to get exhausted and demotivated, especially for untrained people.

Conclusion on the Shred Diet

Basically, you can try the diet if you have the necessary motivation. But when following a diet to only lose those last few pounds, it is a bit too intense. One should not proceed with the diet after the six weeks, but instead get used to a higher caloric intake again and maintain the sport program in order to avoid the yo-yo effect.

This diet is indeed suitable for losing two dress sizes within 6 weeks. But it will also serve to create a healthy diet awareness and promote a change in eating habits.

Is the Shred diet not right for you? We have an extensive overview of more than 100 diets. Look around and find the right diet for you!

Shred Diet Test

This diet is hardcore. Good for those who did not succeed with any other diet. It requires a lot of discipline, time and perseverance. If that sounds like you, be prepared for good weight loss success.

Fast weight loss

Suitable for everyday life

Long-term effect

Healthy & Well-balanced