Slim Fast Sweepstakes

Slim Fast Sweepstakes

Many dieters write about their success with the products Slim Fast has to offer. Slim Fast is a meal replacement diet that involves more than just drinking their shakes. Each day, 2 shakes, 3 snacks (also by Slim Fast) and a balanced meal are eaten. Slim Fast offers a meal plan for this purpose, which makes implementation easier. This pleasant meal replacement diet, which doesn’t require you to completely renounce solid foods, makes it easy to follow through with a healthy diet.

Slim Fast Success Stories

Slim Fast Sweepstake with ShakesMany Success Stories prove that it works. Various testers were chosen from the Slim Fast facebook page. Their diets involving Slim Fast were documented from beginning to end.

One of these testers is Hannah, who was too small for her weight. She is 5 ft. 3 in. tall and weighed 187 pounds (as she herself said with a wink). In her weekly report, she describes how she gained enough energy by using Slim Fast to move more in her everyday life. She quickly switched from walking to jogging and also began swimming. With Slim Fast, and more exercise, she reduced her dress size from 46 to 42. And the sport improved her stamina. Many things in everyday life are now easier for her. In only 4 to 5 months, she lost a total of 40 pounds. Thanks to the sports, her figure is not only slim, but also has a beautiful shape.

Discover many more success stories similar to this one on Facebook.

Slim Fast Sweepstakes

Slim Fast is now offering the opportunity to take part in a diet using their products and be given a reward. Simply submit a before and an after photo by e-mail to take part in the prize draw.

You can win a weekend trip to Mallorca for two, including airfare, hotel and half board. The deadline for the Slim Fast Sweepstakes is the 31st of March, 2014. So you still have plenty of time to successfully lose weight and to be able to submit your own photos for the Slim Fast Sweepstakes. You can find more information by clicking on the Slim Fast Sweepstakes on the Slim Fast website.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for your personal weight loss success! With a little luck you can win!

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