Starvation Diet

Starvation Diet

A starvation diet is, as its name suggests, a time during which no solid food is eaten. Even replacing meals with protein shakes or snacking on fruits and vegetables is prohibited. In order to stabilize the circulation, one is only allowed to drink water and unsweetened teas. The starvation diet is one of the most famous crash diets ever known. It is good for losing weight very quickly, i.e. in time for the holidays.

Many participants of the starvation diet take dietary supplements in the form of powder and tablets to receive the minimum level of nutrients the body needs. Appetite suppressants are intended to suppress cravings and a growling stomach. The starvation diet can be compared to a radical fasting. The only difference is that medical fasting doesn’t always serve to lose weight

By stopping food intake, the body is forced to use its own energy source, that is, the excess fat. In doing so, much weight is to be lost in a short period of time. Therefore, many people use the starvation diet shortly before an important event or when frustrated over not successfully losing weight.

Starvation Diet Advantages

The advantages of the starvation diet are pretty self-explanatory: No need for diet plans to comply with or having to cook with unusual ingredients. The complete renunciation also helps many people realize how much unnecessary snacking they do each day. Furthermore, it doesn’t cost anything and results are quick. With a starvation diet, you will lose weight in the blink of an eye. But is this also a healthy and sustainable weight loss? The disadvantages of the starvation diet clearly outweigh:

Starvation Diet Disadvantages

Starvation Diet

Starvation Diet is a radical way of losing weight: not even an apple is permitted

This starvation diet causes the body to lose far more muscle mass and water than actual fat. The body clings to fat even more when it thinks that it’s starving. Weakness and circulatory failure are a major threat.

After the starvation diet, the body usually does not manage to quickly get used to a normal food intake – it increases and the yo-yo effect occurs. The weight is back just as quickly as it was lost. One may even gain weight because the body prepares for the next famine. There is no sport during the starvation diet and the body is not supplied with nearly enough nutrients.

Dietary supplements can support a very balanced diet and contribute to healthy weight-loss, but when undergoing the starvation diet, you lack the amino acids your metabolism needs. These amino acids must be present in any balanced diet. The key to burning fat is L-carnitine. If a diet is missing this, it becomes more difficult to lose weight. The idea that ​​not eating leads to a dream figure is therefore a fallacy.

Conclusion – Our Opinion on the Starvation Diet

We do not recommend the starvation diet. The relatively rapid weight loss at the beginning of the diet has little significance and the negative aspects far outweigh the positive. If one really wants to try a starvation diet (or “almost starvation diet”), we suggest at least taking a nutritional supplement containing a lot of fat burner L-Carnitine.

If you really want to lose weight fast, this book has tons of useful tips on how to do that without causing so much damage to your body:

Do you have any experience with the Starvation diet? Leave your best tips in the comments and help others lose weight!

Starvation Diet Test

Eat nothing, but drink a lot of water and unsweetened tea - none the less, the starvation diet has nothing in common with the famous fasting.

Fast weight loss

Suitable for everyday life

Long-term effect

Healthy & Well-balanced



Do not try it!

The starvation diet is no way to permanently lose fat. One can lose a few pounds, but only water and muscle mass. Once you eat again, more fat will be stored in order to prepare for the next famine.

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