The Alevere Therapy

The new Alevere therapy is a quick and safe method of losing weight, which involves two parts. The first part is diet, and the second is a non-surgical body shaping therapy to get rid of excess skin using ultrasound technology.

The Alevere therapy diet consists of three stages. In the first stage, you are to consume five Alevere nutrition products each day, as well as fruit and vegetables. After the first stage of the diet, you will gradually start introducing normal foods back into your daily diet.

Get in shape with the Alevere therapy

Get in shape with the Alevere therapy

The purpose of the Alevere therapy is to help you lose weight quickly, and to give you an all around better body shape without the need for surgery, and without the yo-yo effect. With the Alevere therapy, you can lose as much as 13-26 pounds each month. The consultants can even help you predict exactly how long it will take you to reach your target weight.

Alevere Therapy Advantages:

Alevere therapy is not some crash diet that will make you feel terrible and look good for a few days or weeks. The method was developed by doctors, is backed by science, is safe, and you will have medical supervision throughout your weight loss endeavors. It is easy to implement in every day life. Especially during the first stage you’re guaranteed to lose a lot of weight, most of it pure body fat. Furthermore, the procedure is designed to help tighten loose skin and smooth lumps, which is something that most diets just can’t provide.

If you do happen to struggle to stick with Alevere therapy, there will be doctors there to support you, as well as a patient support group. This can be extremely helpful upon getting started, and once you’ve gotten into the rhythm of things and adjust to the diet, you’ll probably lose weight really fast and feel healthier.

Alevere Therapy Disadvantages

The first stage of the Alevere therapy diet is quite radical and takes a lot of motivation. Then throughout the therapy, you’re told what you can and cannot eat. You may not have to go hungry, but you also may not be very happy with what you need to eat in order to lose weight. Also, depending how much weight you’re trying to lose, this method of weight loss can become pretty expensive

Conclusion – Our Opinion of the Alevere Therapy

Overall, the Alevere therapy is recommendable. There are numerous benefits to this method, one of them being that even though you are losing weight quickly, you’re losing mostly fat, which is quite difficult to achieve. That being said, this method requires a lot of discipline, even with a support group available. Many people simply can’t handle being told what they can and cannot eat and sticking to that. Furthermore, the Alevere therapy can be quite expensive, so we suggest weighing the facts yourself before deciding to participate.