Top Fitness Wearables

A fitness wearable is a piece of equipment that you can wear on your body to track things such as how many steps you’ve taken, your heart rate, calories burned, and more. These wearable fitness trackers are a very popular tool among people trying to lose weight, but can serve other purposes as well. If you’re trying to decide which fitness tracker is best for you, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compared the top 3 fitness wearables on the market.


Fitbit is the leading fitness wearable fitness tracker on the market. Every Fitbit is equipped with a step tracker, active minute tracker, calorie tracker and distance tracker and are sold in a variety of designs. Some fitbit trackers have features such as GPS, full color touchscreen, and heart rate monitoring.

While most Fitbit trackers are meant to be worn on the wrist, they also offer models that can be kept in your pocket or clipped to your clothes. Overall, Fitbit is the most recommended fitness wearable for serious athletes.

Apple Fitness Watch

Wearable fitness tracker

Track your progress and get in shape!

Apple Watch is another product that enjoys great popularity right now. They are quite similar to Fitbit watches, but have slightly different features. Apple fitness watches offer two main apps: Activity, which is focused on health and regular daily movement, and Workout, which tracks running, cycling and walking.

The Apple Watch uses 3 colorful rings to track progress: move ring, exercise ring and stand ring. The goal is to complete each ring every day. It’s a motivational tool, which is nice if you’re trying to get in shape.

The apple watch is most recommended for those who need a helping hand losing weight, as there are many motivational features. Yet, they’re not quite as suitable for serious athletes, because they’re more of a motivating smartwatch than a wearable fitness tracker.


Jawbone is known for being the simplest fitness tracker. This is nice if you just want some assistance with keeping track of your sleep, calories burned and getting in shape.

The designs are sleek and easy to use. While certain features are standard, jawbone fitness trackers have a variety of models offering additional features, such as alarm clock, heart rate monitor, automatic sleep detection and more.

Jawbone wearable fitness trackers are less expensive than their Fitbit or Apple Watch counterparts, but don’t have as many cutting edge features. Whether Jawbone is the right product for you just depends on your personal needs and preferences.


Fitness trackers can be convenient and motivating, and depending on your needs, worth the money. Apple’s fitness watch is more than just a wearable fitness tracker. It’s practically a phone that you can wear on your wrist. If you have a hard time disciplining yourself to get in shape or asking for help, or if you simply want to keep better track of your activity, we highly recommend investing in a wearable fitness tracker.

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