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The best weight-loss tips

The best weight-loss tips

Whether you want to lose weight quickly or are trying to slim healthily and permanently: Losing weight and achieving your dream figure will make you healthier and happier. Following through with a diet is not as easy as it may seem. It takes some discipline to successfully lose weight without the dreaded yo-yo effect.

At, we share many weight-loss tips to help you lose weight in the healthiest way possible. No matter what diet you want to try: you can find all the information you need in our diet overview. We’ve analyzed over 100 different diet concepts and methods ranging from very complex and expensive diets, to simpler and sometimes more effective methods of reaching your desired weight.

Speaking of desired weight

healthy weight-lossThe desired weight is different for each person. To determine your desired weight, you need to ask yourself: Are you really overweight, or do you just want to look more like the models you see on TV and in magazines? Well, one thing you should take into consideration is your BMI, which stands for body mass index. With our BMI calculator, you can have your BMI calculated within seconds and learn about the World Health Organization’s classifications of underweight, normal weight, overweight and obesity.

Your personal desired figure should be what’s important to you. It usually involves wanting to look like the models on the catwalk and in magazines.

Therefore, our first and perhaps the most important weight loss tip: Don’t shoot for model weight. This requires a lot of discipline and is less healthy than is commonly assumed. It is also likely that your genetic predisposition will not allow this type of figure. Furthermore, many men and women find their partner’s little love handles quite sexy!

Losing weight quickly

14 days until summer or the wedding you’ve been invited to, and it’s obvious: you’ve gained a few pounds since you’ve last had the body to work that bikini, or the dress that fit five years ago. Now you need to lose weight quickly. But what’s the best way? A Blitz diet, or maybe a starvation diet? And how much success can you have if you want to lose weight without exercise? Our weight loss tips will help you decide.

Weight-Loss tip: Lose weight quickly by fasting

Saftfastenkur abnehmenFor some, fasting is the best way to lose weight quickly. In a fast, one may not eat solid food or only the very minimum, and may only drink certain beverages such as juices, broth, whey, and water. During an extreme fast, only water may be permitted. Fasting is the oldest form of dieting and has been known to almost all cultures and religions for hundreds of years. But the origin of this concept was not the desire to lose weight. Instead, it is a religious ritual intended to cleanse the body or to be performed during a particular season. Mahathma Gandhi has used fasting to lend weight to his political will.

In our case it’s not religious or politically motivated fasting, but rather the question: can you lose weight fast and healthily by means of fasting? Those who want to lose weight quickly by fasting should look into the Schroth diet, FX Mayr cleansing diet, the Markert Diet or juice fasting first.

Take a look around. Our nutrition experts have gathered all the facts and information regarding weight-loss.

100 weight-loss tips and every diet in the test!

AbnehmenTipps Have you decided to go on a diet? Losing weight without a diet may also work, but at a slower pace than a change of diet together with physical activity. In our great overview of all diets, you will find all the classics and the best known diets.

  1. The low-glycemic diet, in which only low carbohydrate meals are to be eaten
  2. The Weight Watchers diet, which is based on a point system and in which weight-loss takes place in group sessions
  3. The Atkins diet, a classic form of food combining from the US
  4. The Forever Young diet by Dr. Ulrich Strunz, involving healthy eating habits and movement

These are the classics among the diets. But we also feature diets that are not so well known. Do you already know the concept of the Jenny Craig diet, by which Mariah Carey recently lost 30 pounds?

Products for losing weight

A strict diet is one way to achieve your desired weight. But there are also diet products that can help stimulate daily fat burning and help us lose weight healthily. We present modern diet products like acai berries or goji berries, which make slimming much easier.

Interactive diet and fitness programs, also known as online diets, are worth looking into. These include eBooks such as fat burning furnace and online counseling groups such as These products can also be found in our featured diets.

Weight-loss made easy

We want to make your endeavors to lose weight as easy as possible by providing you with great weight loss tips. We want help you lose weight without a yo-yo effect. Unfortunately, the yo-yo effect is quite common with many short-term diets, because they don’t take into consideration the importance of a long-term change of diet, fat burning and the basal metabolic rate of calories. It is clear that only those who avoid the yo-yo effect can successfully lose weight in the long run.

Weight-loss tip: Lose weight in a group

Weight Watchers Diet If you want to lose weight in a group, there are a variety of different diets and weight-loss programs. The by-far best known is the Weight Watchers diet. But there are also other concepts such as the BCM diet. The big advantage of losing weight in a group: you stay motivated longer and increase the likelihood that you will permanently stick to your healthy eating plan and change your diet habits.

There are so many tips and tricks to lose weight for whatever reason you want. The following are our most recommended books for losing weight and feeling better.

We know that what starts out as somewhat nagging change can become fun and worthwhile! Get started today!