Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers

The Weight Watchers diet program is one of the world’s most well-known concepts for losing weight. Jean Nidetch brought this concept to life in 1963. She had been trying to lose weight for a long time and saw no progress.  That’s when she came up with the idea to meet with friends to motivate each other.

The diet’s success was remarkably fast. The idea was born and the corresponding company was quickly and successfully established. The Weight Watchers wave swept the nation in 1970 and then spread to the rest of the world. At the heart of the Weight Watchers diet is a low calorie mixed diet.

The recipes provided are low in fat and rich in protein. Carbohydrates should be very high in fiber. Whole grains, potatoes and raw vegetables are recommended. Bad habits should also be dropped in the long run in order to maintain the target weight. Yet, no calories are counted in the Weight Watchers diet program, because this concepts has it’s own points system.

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All participants of the program may only consume a certain number of points each day. This number is specific to the individual and calculated from different personal factors such as age, height, gender, and current weight. In addition, all foods are assigned a certain point value. The total number of points at the end of the day must not exceed the amount permitted. No foods are forbidden in this program. People who eat a piece of cake with many points must simply consume less for the rest of the day to stay within the permitted scope. However, those who eat a whole-grain bread with vegetables instead, has consumed fewer points and may eat more that day.

Points may also be collected. For example, you may be allowed to eat more at a party. Points can even be deducted by means of sports and exercise. The Weight Watchers diet program initially took place in the context of local group meetings. However, nowadays this program is usually performed by submitting documents only available to paying members. Also, an online portal is available for those interested in participating in the Weight Watchers diet program.

Weight Watchers Diet Advantages

The Weight Watchers diet is considered to be particularly flexible, promising, and compatible with everyday life: Even the occasional fast food and restaurant visit are taken into consideration. Group meetings are no longer mandatory, as you may instead simply participate in the online program.

The Weight Watchers program is also considered relatively easy to carry out, since there are no rigorous prohibitions. The compilation of the recommended meals is balanced and complies with the recommendations of the nutrition experts. furthermore, the body is supplied with all the important nutrients and vital substances, provided that the specified points are not exclusively invested in very unhealthy foods.

Weight Watchers Diet Disadvantages

There are almost no disadvantages of the Weight Watchers diet. One major drawback of the Weight Watchers diet program is of course the cost factor, which is only worth it if you pull through.

The Weight Watchers diet is not cheap, especially if you are buying the Weight Watchers products

Our Opinion on the Weight Watchers Diet

Overall, the Weight Watchers diet is indeed recommendable. A balanced diet is combined with exercise and optimal motivation. Anyone who wants to save money and is motivated to lose weight permanently should look into the chip lists diet.

Weight Watchers Online

For those who are shy, have jobs, or are on the road and have little time for the Weight Watchers program, there is an online version of their known diet. So one can set up their individual eating plan on the Internet and store great recipes on their iPhone or iPad via the Weight Watchers app. We think: Weight Watchers Online is one of the best online diets out there!

Weight Watchers Recipes

Do you want to get started right away and cook Weight Watcher recipes? Do you not like mobile devices and prefer having a book in your kitchen? There are some very good books that offer great recipes, and they’re not difficult to cook. We have a list of recommended books with recipes from the Weight Watchers diet, all of which you can order at amazon.com. This is convenient and shipping is free. Usually delivered to your door the next day:

Have you ever tried the Weight Watchers diet? What were your experiences with Weight Watchers? Share them with other readers!

Weight Watchers Test

The first group meetings were held in the 1960's. Since then, Weight Watchers has become one of the most famous and successful diets ever.

Fast weight loss

Suitable for everyday life

Long-term effect

Healthy & Well-balanced


Very Good!

Highly Recommended!

The proven concept of over 50 years has become a solid institution in the diet market. Weight Watchers moves with the times, offering the best basis for a weight loss through dietary changes, even today.

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