Whey Diet

Whey Diet


There are several versions of the Whey Diet. Most of them recommend replacing one daily meal with a drink containing whey. The reduced calorie intake will cause you to lose weight healthily and permanently. One shouldn’t replace more than one additional snack with this drink. This is to prevent deficiency symptoms.

Fasting with just whey is not suitable for weight-loss. Whey is a residual liquid from producing cheese and curd. It is formed once the milk used for making cheese or curd clots.

Whether sweet or sour whey is produced depends upon whether the milk is combined with lactic acid, bacteria or rennin. For a long time, whey has been known for its many positive features: It contains many vitamins and minerals, but almost no fat. Furthermore, the calorie content is relatively low, yet it fills the stomach and makes you feel satisfied.

Whey also supports a functioning digestion and thus helps to purify the body from waste products. Potassium in the whey drinks causes a gentle dehydration. This is why whey is so popular with women who suffer from cycle-related water retention.

In order to make whey more durable, pasteurized drinks or powders for mixing with water are sold. Fruits and vegetables are already mixed in or can be added. That way, various flavors can be created and the whey drink also receives more nutrients.

Whey Diet Advantages

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The whey diet is not a crash diet and won’t cause a yo-yo effect. It supplies the body with all the essential vitamins and minerals.

Since even ordinary meals are eaten during the diet, one must not go hungry. The weight loss occurs slowly, but with long-lasting success. The diet is easy to perform and also easy to integrate into everyday life.

Whey Diet Disadvantages

Having a caloric deficit must not be ignored, because weight loss is impossible without it. Many participants do not lose weight, because the slow progress demotivates them, or more food is eaten during regular meals.

A sports program is entirely absent in most variants of the whey diet.

Conclusion – our opinion on the whey diet

You can’t lose weight quickly with the whey diet. But those who have a lot of patience should try the whey diet. It is important to keep in mind that this diet does not come with suitable recipes for regular meals or an exercise plan. Steady weight loss and greater well-being will gradually set in.

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Whey Diet Test

Lose weight and become healthier - this can be achieved with the whey diet. Replace one meal a day with whey and the first step is made.

Fast weight loss

Suitable for everyday life

Long-term effect

Healthy & Well-balanced



Worth a shot

Whey is healthy and enriches the diet. You can only succeed in losing weight by creating a calorie deficit and doing more sports. Adding these two components is up to you, the dieter. However, whey can accompany a diet very well.

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